Expert Breaks Down An Abandoned $20K Home Ready For Renovation | Hidden Gems | Architectural Digest

Today on Architectural Digest contractor Nick Schiffer from NS Builders takes us through an abandoned 1930’s-era house in Pittsburgh, PA that’s asking only $20,000 for the keys. There’s no mistaking how much work needs to be done to make it livable again, but at just about $12 a square foot with 3-bedrooms and an extra lot on the property, the upside is crystal clear for a contractor like Nick. Watch as he takes us around the exterior and stripped-down interior, offering his renovation estimates and advice, revealing the potential of this hidden gem each step of the way.

This property is offered for sale by Tri-COG Land Bank (TCLB) in Allegheny County, PA. TCLB revitalizes neighborhoods by transitioning abandoned properties to beneficial reuse.

Check them out at:

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18 Replies to “Expert Breaks Down An Abandoned $20K Home Ready For Renovation | Hidden Gems | Architectural Digest”

  1. I actually considered purchasing this home back in 2020. Thank you for going over the estimates and what it would take to make it livable.

  2. This "renovation" project sounds more like tearing completely down the original structure with a brand new contemporary style home. If I'd buy an old house, my goal would be trying to restore it to its glory instead of replacing completely with something modern, losing all the charm (I'm aware this building looks more like some haunted manor, but maybe the decaying state doesn't help lol).

  3. All these comments about tearing it down, but think some people actually like old houses and the craftsmanship that went into them (like me!!)

  4. Why do I find this man explaining things to me so attractive? Also I feel blue balled bc I want to see the finished product of what he’s talking about!

  5. AD, why are you doing these?
    I never expected it from you.
    Reality TV home channels? Yes.
    Architectural Digest? No.

  6. All that talk and we don’t get to see a finished product! It’s always going to be an old house. I agree, raze it and build a clean house!

  7. Tear it down, imagine the asbestos, lead paint, mold, old electrical and plumbing not to mention structurally…. for 20k start from scratch

  8. Let’s be honest. This old houses needs to be torn down and a new one built in its place.

  9. As someone else commented, how would this compare to building a new home? Maybe construction company specialized in serial house construction can build a new, better house in less time than it would take for this "renovation", which to me looks like a rebuild.

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