Extreme Oktoberfest Workout: Masskrugstemmen

Test your endurance in the beer stein-holding sport, Masskrugstemmen, and meet a U.S. champion. Plus, Oktoberfest may have started in Bavaria, but Americans are making it their own in some very unexpected ways. And check out “Kombucha” – a popular brewed alternative some say is healthier than beer. With Off Duty Host Wendy Bounds.
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12 Replies to “Extreme Oktoberfest Workout: Masskrugstemmen”

  1. komisch hier sind die gläser mal richtig befüllt .auf den wiesen fehlt kronisch was. aber davon ganz ab ist die brühe auf den wiesen viiiiel zu teuer. dafür gibts im laden n ganzen kasten und noch was drauf je nach sorte also 10 liter statt 08 liter

  2. what german-hip-hop culture………….heritage…….? give me a sticking break..all this rap music….from where???  ..you what to know your too heritage look at the past?, look at russia, and german in the old days, then  you know what it means to be true german bloodline.
    I am pretty sure there more people in germany that share my views. look at russia, russian pride,  no gangster bull crap. 

  3. 'Monkey Business' has a special feature on craft beer in MB S2E11 – 'Crafty Brewers.' Feel free to drop by if it sounds like fun to watch.
    Mentioned in the episode – craft beer ice cream, a craft beer billionaire, PicoBrew's home brewery machine, and some stats on the craft beer industry.
    Here are some other episodes for browsing – if you spot another episode you'd also like to watch, feel free to check it out, too. Have fun!
    MB S2E10 – Hackers and Billionaires
    MB S2E3 – Mysteries and Diamonds

  4. true….how about the "eins, soo-ah-ee( zwei ), drei" counting he does a few minutes later. funny too!

  5. 1:55 the funny thing is that she pronounce "Maßkrugstemmen" way better as he does 😉 Greetings from Bavaria 🙂

  6. Mass=1Liter of Beer
    Masskrug=A Pitcher with 1Liter of Beer in it

    Masskrugstemmen 🙂

  7. Two things with this first I couldn't last too long holding the stien as I would be too tempted to drink it. Second what is with the Irish music in this video?

  8. I'm the MC at the Oldest and Largest Oktoberfest in Southern California! We made a great video which plays off our German and Hip-hop heritage!
    Oktoberfest Gangsta!

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