EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER: Inside an Amazing New York City Mansion

On today’s special episode of Homeworthy we’re showing you an incredible living room transformation in the iconic River Mansion on New York City’s Upper West Side. The home was built in 1899 and is currently on the market for 24 million dollars. Designer Timothy Corrigan worked his magic and took a once salmon colored living room and turned it into a garden-inspired oasis for the 48th annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

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You can visit the show house through June 6th, 2023.

Get your tickets! https://kipsbayboysandgirlsclub.ticketspice.com/2023-new-york-general-admission

18 Replies to “EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER: Inside an Amazing New York City Mansion”

  1. This is the house Hannah Bronfman grew up in. Her mom is looking to sell it after Kips Bay is over.

  2. I usually appreciate Mr.Corrigan's work but this room doesn't please me, it seems like he couldn't make up his mind and poured every thing in it, rough furniture and sophisticated elements. Talking about comfort, for exemple the glass table might be a great occasion to hurt one' s knee when raising up from a white soga. The fabric on the wall with the lamps on it ? Too heavy, lack of délicatesse. And the round table with this big tall blue flower … defies stability.

  3. Everything works except that painting. It kills the whole design. Could have worked better with a portrait or not artwork at all. The wallpaper is itself a piece of art.

  4. p.s. the art is terrible… 99.9 percent probably couldn't afford that wallpaper.

  5. So glad he made the career switch. He’s got a fantastic eye and is so talented.

  6. I admit it's beautiful, but planning your entire room based on a wallpaper? What if the owner want to change the wallpaper? Why would you cover a window? Other than privacy issue, I'm sure the owner would appreciate any source of natural light. And the tulip thing looks dangerous. What if it falls down while a child being near it?

  7. Such a fun room. We picked up a very nice blue & white porcelain planter from Tony Duquette's estate sale here in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. So nice to see his golden flowers at 10:15.

  8. It’s a stunningly beautiful room – even though it may not be your style, you can appreciate the elegance, the wonderful fabrics, and the architecture. I love putting in the banquettes to be able to use the space by the fireplace. The only items I didn’t like were the leaf shaped pieces hung on the drapery by the fireplace. Other than that, everything was fabulous.

  9. Greetings from California. Excellent videos. Happy Easter from our channel: Australian Parakeets Stars* Prince Alexander

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