Eye-Catching Windowboxes for Christmas! 🥰🎄❤️ // Garden Answer

Eye-Catching Windowboxes for Christmas! 🥰🎄❤️

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30 Replies to “Eye-Catching Windowboxes for Christmas! 🥰🎄❤️ // Garden Answer”

  1. I’ve been a watcher for a while…I’m getting a bit disillusioned by the amount of money that is going into making your garden. These are not things that most of us can do. It has become so much about these extraordinary things in your gardens and less about Garden Andwers

  2. Is that all? We don't get to see them at night in full glory?? Stunning deocration again… LOVE!!!!! ♡♡♡ xx..

  3. Definitely prefer the cute wreath’s from JoAnn’s over the bright berry wreaths that look like too much! 🎄

  4. Red wreaths look great match the red in the window boxes. PRETTY LIKE YOU AND MAMA SAY LOL

  5. Do they sell small Xmas trees ones that I can plant later do not like to waste trees. I bought one gave to my son who has 6 acre farm now I don’t have a real Xmas tree

  6. Haha, i hate to sound like a broken record, but definitely keep the red berry wreaths up, and I like subtle beauty too. They are not too much.

  7. Yes love the red berry wreaths just looking so festive 😍 love the window boxes. Love it all that's for sharing ❤️😊

  8. I always enjoy every video! The trees in the pot, how do you get it to not fall over with strong winds? I cannot get mines to stay in place.

  9. It’s not a lot Laura. Might be different if you had red in your garland. The window boxes are far enough it pulls it all together

  10. Berry wreaths are beautiful on your doors. The entire red decorative elements go great with evergreens! One of my favs. that you've done!

  11. The red wreaths show up more. The other ones are beautiful , but they don't show up well.

  12. Not a lot. The cranberry wreaths are perfect. The others are too muted. Everything is just beautiful.

  13. I love the red wreaths! The trellises remind me of angels! Love the finished look. Hoping to get a window box at our next home!

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