Fall Flower Bed Cleanup! 🍂🥀🍂 // Garden Answer

Fall Flower Bed Cleanup! 🍂🥀🍂

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26 Replies to “Fall Flower Bed Cleanup! 🍂🥀🍂 // Garden Answer”

  1. Clean slate! Looks better.
    I once had a sweet cat that would follow behind us when we walked the dog in our neighborhood, very social like Russell❤

  2. Hi Laura and Aaron, I’ve got a question. Some time ago you put down a large area of cardboard and covered it with compost. I was wondering if you found that effective? I also have an area that I I’m considering doing that to. Thank you so much Sarah Moulson, Shropshire, England.

  3. I for one sure was sad to see that beautiful cherry tree chopped down. The Hartley and brick beds are beautiful.

  4. I thought, "Oh my goodness, Laura just cut down my favorite and expensive Snow Fountain cherry tree." But you're right. It didn't suit that space at all. It's branches were all unruly and created chaos instead of the beauty they bring to my boring front yard. It just goes to show that not every space is right for every plant.

  5. My heart hurt so bad watching that weaping cherry be cut down. I’ve tried to grow one three separate times and I’ve lost all three but they are my absolute favorite ornamental tree.

  6. I never liked the weeping cherry either, and I knew it wouldn't survive (the cut) because that space was so crammed with shrubs/vines/perennials already, it was crazy. I recall thinking, what is that girl doing adding a weeper to that crowded space? What a waste of a tree that deserve better treatment than to be sawed off. Treating trees like it was just a 3-yr annuals is so very wasteful.

  7. Always love learning so much from my Mentor with the Mostest! Laura you inspire, teach, share your knowledge and wonderful enthusiam in every aspect of gardening, landscaping, hard scaping, etc.etc. And as I loyally follow for years, I just want to take a moment to thank you dearly for all! You make me get out there and Clean up, Prune up at appropriate times, and most importantly remove what has failed, even trees, or eyesore plants I really don't like but previous owners may have. You give us our wings to grasp our home areas and make them ours! Thank you always for your inspiration.

  8. Here in western Oregon its POURING rain. And of course I left some things to enjoy awhile. They may get pretty ugly before its dry enough to clean them up! But much too hard to pull them when they are still VERY beautiful right before the rains start!

  9. Do "I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE" Aaron putting up Christmas lights already 🥰? Seeing how awesome the Surefire Rose begonias did for you has put them on my list for next year. Thank you two for all your inspiration. ♥️

  10. I would for sure take a match to the pile where you left the aphid loaded debris. Then I would take some insecticide to the area where those borage were growing!

  11. I have always like the ratio of talk to work, to fast forward work, to final project viewing. And that is not to underestimate the cat and kid appearances. Those additions are delightful. Also we viewers get a real sense of knowing you and your family.

  12. Guten Tag, wundervolle Erklärungen .Es macht so viel Spaß Dir zuzuschauen…jetzt bin ich auch radikaler in meinem Garten…Dankeschön…L.G.Anja

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