False Cut Classic Pass – MAGIC TUTORIAL

We’ve learned the Classic Pass, now you’ll learn how to utilize the classic pass to execute a no-nonsense false cut. Please like/subscribe.

Learn The Classic Pass: http://youtu.be/W6ZCGo8ON3A
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20 Replies to “False Cut Classic Pass – MAGIC TUTORIAL”

  1. Is this more effective than doing a cut, leaving a pinky break, then doing the pass after the cut?

  2. how am i supposted to see what you are fucking doing if you have your hand right in the fucking way

  3. Guys remember: when in the classic pass move they tell you to press your middle and ring fingers down and your pinkie up, they don't mean " use all your force and tense your fingers up". Actually they just mean "hold the top packed together with your middle, ring and pinkie.

  4. If you like magic card tricks, check out our channel! New kind of magic to the community!

  5. please please please please please please please everyone,please do a reveal for the fire color change(when u burn a card then it change to the spectator's card)
    Thanks and again PLEASE

  6. why did you have to put it on your channel. You coud've refernced his tutorial.

  7. Good but your camera should be at your back for easier following. Consider that.

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