Family's Renovated Airstream – Fully Custom Build

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Lindsay, Stewart, & their two children lived on the road for over 2 years in a 40 foot trailer before deciding to trade it in for their current Airstream. It took them 3 months to convert an empty shell into the customized home of their dreams that’s complete with everything they need. From the fun-loving attitude of Lindsay & Stewart, to the statement mini greenhouse, & restaurant grade espresso machine, this airstream has it all.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Airstream Kitchen
03:47 Airstream Bunk Beds
04:28 Why RV Life
06:16 Airstream Bathroom
07:28 Airstream Living Room/Dining Room
09:20 How an Airstream
11:17 Airstream Bedroom
13:58 Airstream Exterior
15:49 Making Money on the Road

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28 Replies to “Family's Renovated Airstream – Fully Custom Build”

  1. Great build! You can tell they really knew what they wanted and needed. The kitchen and all the appliances and extras is very impressive!!!

  2. Fabulous well thought out gorgeous build. Very inspiring just wish we were younger to do on the road . We do go in our teardrop camper so it’s a great option. Can’t wait to see your course of how you design. It’ll help us as well. Thank you so much

  3. One question though about the not having a separate bedroom point near the end- how would you manage as a couple to be intimate without your kids hearing it? Or possibly seeing it if one needs a trip to the loo at night. Not trying to be rude or crass literally just wondering.

  4. Gorgeous renovation, best airstream reno that I have seen. I would have done something different with the bed in the lounge, perhaps a murphy bed or used that space for the kids and their space for the adults. Just seems to be lacking floor space and an actual lounge would be nice.

  5. Ingenious…Clever…Lovely… and most likely smells yummy when the cook is in her kitchen????

  6. Lindsay and Stewart! I know them from Nate and Marissa/Less Junk More Journey! ????

  7. Oh guys it’s absolutely beautiful. I love it xx❤????????????????????????????bravo!!! X

  8. Fruit fly problem can be solved by plugging in ZEVO traps in bathroom and kitchen. They will be attracted to the lights. A bad infestation will require that you give it time to resolve and remove waste probably daily until controlled. You may additionally purchase some of those sticky ribbons to hang temporarily in bathroom and near kitchen sink and even use those standup sticky wands. Leave nothing for them to eat in kitchen. You may also need to pore a few cups of boiled water with just a capful of bleach down sink drains occasionally. Lastly for faster results, keep windows covered to darken interior of your place and use more of the ZEVOS throughout. That will kill them faster. Getting rid of them will be a real job if it’s bad. This will work if you are determined enough. Good luck.

  9. I just love this airstream! ❤ what more can I say! Definitely one of my favorites!

  10. Thanq for the video, I REALLY, REALLY love your fridge freezer. The children's bunk area is fantastic. I love the cubes at bottom of the master bed.
    Your bathroom is great, in fact your whole home on wheels is great.
    Stay safe on your travels.

  11. Thanks for sharing this tour of your beautiful home. Your kids are going to gain so much from the travel and home schooling.

  12. You guys are so cool- I love that your vision went through so many transitions. Also, that coffee set-up is PERFECT and she deserves coffee in bed EVERY morning! Awesome future ahead of your guys! Happy Trails!

  13. Making the most of a hard situation and maybe finding an even better life!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous. But then how could it be anything else. I’ve seen you do fantastic work for other YouTuber’s.

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