Farmhouse Inspired Camper Van w/ Dinette-Bed Conversion

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This farmhouse inspired van makes for the perfect weekend getaway vehicle, exactly as Aries Soul Traveler intended. This adventure seeking woman grew up on a farm & made sure to incorporate lots of rustic touches to her childhood-inspired conversion. Everything from the vintage appliances, to chicken wire cabinets, gives the overall vibe of the coziest little farmhouse on wheels you ever did see!

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Camper Van Kitchen
03:00 How Vanlife
04:20 Convertible Dinette/Bedroom
06:08 Advice on Building a Van
07:11 Safety as a Solo Female Traveler

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23 Replies to “Farmhouse Inspired Camper Van w/ Dinette-Bed Conversion”

  1. Absolutely beautiful ????It’s adorable ????I love the colors and the farm look. God bless you ????????????????

  2. This is a beautiful van. Where do you store your clothes and do you have a toilet/wash facilities as I didn’t see a sink although I know you mentioned washing your dishes outside so do you also take a wash personally outside?

  3. You go girl, it's so pretty and clean I just love your place.???? May God bless your every step⚓⚓⚓????????????????????????????????????️????️????️

  4. This lady is so sweet. I live in a Skoolie and had similar struggles when I built it. She has truly built something to be proud of.

  5. Ok, yes it's beautiful inside & very inviting. But no indoor toilet/shower, sink, no cook top. Everything has to be done outdoor. I couldn't live like that. Did she explain how she carrier water…

  6. Oh, so chic! Really beautiful camper, and it sounds like you've found some special camping spots. ????

  7. You have done a wonderful job decorating your van! I absolutely love it. Thanks for having us. ✌️❤

  8. This van is my dream. You have a wonderful talent and thank you for sharing. So gorgeous

  9. I’ve seen HUNDREDS of vans and this is in my top ten. I love the design, the layout, the decor-everything! ????????

  10. The absolute best van conversion I've seen in the past 3 years. Wow!!!! Love it!!!!! 🙂

  11. I love your van. It is so cosy. Can I ask what is the name of the pattern of your gorgeous tea cup set?

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