Fastest way to Escape Mount with Keith Owen

The Rhino, Keith Owen, talks about his favorite mount escape and one of the QUICKEST and most effective ways of escaping. A variation of the shrimp or ELBOW ESCAPE, this is a favorite move of Rickson Gracie.

Simplicity is KEY in Jiu Jitsu.

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  1. I want to know how to escape that in a full contact fight while guy is pummeling your face in

  2. This is the easiest mount escape on YT! ..i really like Rickson Gracie's but this is way easier! Thx u

  3. This move has greatly improved all of my top escapes, not just being mounted. When side mounted, one can also push off of the armpit and the shoulders. This is probably the most important defensive move that I've learned in years. Thanks, Keith. College wrestlers and 280 lb behemoths have a much tougher time holding me down now.

  4. After this video, I've incorporated this into my game and made one modification. Instead of putting the hand on the opposite hip, I actually use my elbow and the blade of my arm into the hip and start to move my shoulders slightly.
    What I've found for me is my mount escapes, as well as my bottom defenses have started to explode by doing this and using the prayer technique.

  5. Folks any technique you use has a counter to it. Just prepare to counter the counter.

  6. I'm a newbie just wondering what's to keep your opponent from switching to a technical mount or S mount when you do thisEscape? Why isn't he posting a frame that blocks the other hip as well so it can't move up?

  7. Hi Keith, looks like a great move. Can you do a follow up video of how to completely get out from under the opponent? This one stops after you've defeated the mount, but you are still under opponent. Thanks.

  8. This is black belt shit this is very hazardous to a beginner. I gonto a rickson gracie bb school. U ve been taught much more efficient techniques rickson uses to escape

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