Faux Stainless Steel Fridge (As Seen On Home & Family) – DIY by Tanya Memme

If your fridge is starting to look a little dingy, here’s a way to give it a whole new look with Stainless Steel Paint! Just a few easy tricks will upgrade your kitchen quick and inexpensive~
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13 Replies to “Faux Stainless Steel Fridge (As Seen On Home & Family) – DIY by Tanya Memme”

  1. I know this was made 5 years ago but why not put some gloss sealer after you paint to give it that new shine look?

  2. Wow! I can't believe how negative the comments are. Of course it doesn't look like a brand new "real" stainless steel appliance, but if someone wants to freshen up the appearance of an old but perfectly good working refrigerator, doesn't have $1000 + to drop on a new one, or maybe has other stainless steel appliances and would like to create more of a match in their kitchen, than I think this will do until they decide to or can afford to get a new fridge. If this fridge had a flat surface, rather than the textured type surface, it would have turned out looking more like stainless steel. Maybe use a top coat for more shine, but I think it turned out fine. Perfect for a DIY person on a budget.

  3. You would've gotten a better finish with Giani paint from HD and a good brush. I would never use s roller to apply this paint, that kind of defeats the purpose of using a certain paint. In other words, you need brush strokes.

  4. "not to use in hot appliances" – is a dryer included or just the microwave and stove. Thanks

  5. Before even thinking about painting stainless steel, maybe should you check the panel relief. If it's like what we see at 5:06, it will never give you a stainless steel finish. If it's flat, now you can start thinking about using such a paint, and applied it with some brush that will leave some kind of strand direction. Otherwise you may just want to paint it with any normal kitchen color to give it a second life.

  6. I like this idea, inspiring me with other
    ideas. Depending on the fridge.

    How much space can be used to paint
    on it. And what brush techniques, like stencil
    to use. How to add magnets if the fridge
    is not magnetic on the surface. Incorporate
    magnet placement on the fridge =]

    For best results with the spraying
    technique. Is fine

    So many design decor ideas^^*

  7. Another way is to strip the paint, brush it with Scotchbrite and spray it with clear lacquer. That's exactly what those "Stainless Steel Look" appliances are.

  8. You don't have to use the toxic stuff for cleaning. Vinegar if it's not too bad. Baking soda dissolved in hot water first if it's greasy, than vinegar. Works for cleaning walls or anything you are going to paint.

  9. I definitely think you should have painted the handles to match or buy new handles or something. The fact that they're black kind of makes it easy to tell that you just painted a regular fridge since that's where we're used to seeing them. Stainless steal fridges usually have stainless steel handles. Other than that though I think  it turned out good 🙂

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