Find the BEST Dollar Tree! 😱 BIGGEST nationwide stores revealed from @Do It On A Dime

Hey, guys! Today I’m answering the question I get the very most on my channel. How am I finding such good stuff at my Dollar Tree? It’s a little luck, but it’s also some skill and strategy, too. I wanted to make sure YOU could find them too!

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17 Replies to “Find the BEST Dollar Tree! 😱 BIGGEST nationwide stores revealed from @Do It On A Dime”

  1. I love Dollar Tree and seem to be there a lot – as if my car is just on automatic pilot. Our stores where I live in FL are very small and not nearly as neat and clean as yours. But recently I was driving through the next town over and happened to see a HUGE store! I almost hit the car in front of me. I swear I saw a light shining down on it and could hear a choir of angels singing! Surprisingly, I haven’t been there yet. I’m trying to set aside some $ before I go because I’m sure I will find 200 items that I didn’t know I really needed and had to have. I currently shop at Dollar General because it’s about 2 blocks from home. I really like shopping there because I can find what I need. But it’s not Dollar Tree!!

  2. Yah for facts on Bryan Adams!
    A Canadian born and proud to be Canadian! Thanks for that Catherine, always nice to know Canadian facts!

  3. I always love when you share valuable information which is every single time! Thank you so much Katherine for all that you do!

  4. Kathryn, you're an all star! I adore you beyond belief! I'm in Toledo, Ohio and we have some amazing stores, we also have those "bomb went off" stores that everyone wants to complain about. I try to check out a few here and there, depending on my work schedule. I wish that people would stop complaining about their stores in your comments and realize that you go to tons of them! You don't find amazing items at every store, you work your butt off for us! Loads of love ❤️

  5. Howdy Kathryn i live in Hillsborough NC – you've probably been to the one off Guess Rd – it's got the $5 big bins and stuff now, à pretty good one. I live about 20 min from there!

  6. Thank you! I am in San Antonio and i didn’t expect to see my city on here😳Going to visit it asap!! Keep it up – love your channel so much!

  7. I think you are off abt the month ahead of stocking holiday items. We all know the DT has Halloween out by end of July and Christmas stuff by September lol.

  8. I travel for work and go to as many DT stores as possible. My family also expects me to stop at a store here and there, they're not happy about it but sometimes get excited since we do find some hidden treasures.

  9. Some shoppers are so disrespectful. They make such a mess just looking for things. I always think it must be so difficult to work in a place where you can never catch up or keep it neat. I often tell employees that I’m sorry people are disrespectful and that I appreciate them. You never know when one kind work can make a bit of a difference. I really enjoy Dollar Tree and channels like yours help me look for things I would probably miss. Thank you.

  10. Great video, but having been to many Dollar Trees in North Texas, I don't find them to be very good at all. The three closest to me never have some of the items you show.

  11. I was at the one in Campbell, Ca once with my sister. LOTS of VARIETY!!! Its 2.5 hours away

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