Finding the paystreak with a highbanker

This is the method I use to locate an area that will give me the best chance to go home with gold.
How to setup a highbanker :
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Estwing GP18 Gad Pry Bar, I never go prospecting without this bar =

Estwing 14 oz. Rock Pick Hammer

22 oz. Rock Pick Hammer =″

22 oz. Rock Pick Hammer long handle =”

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25 Replies to “Finding the paystreak with a highbanker”

  1. Out of all the prospecting videos, you're my favorite. Very little music, tons of knowledge. You have helped me more than any other.. Thank you..

  2. Gary,
    I hated to be the one to break this to you but Home Depot has stolen your theme song. haha

  3. I'm so glad I found your channel. I have a property in SW Virginia that has an old iron ore mine on it and I'm 2 10ths of a mile from the New River and the property is chock full of crystal iron round river rocks. For years I've noticed shiny flecks in the busted rocks. I know some of it is pyrite but some of it I'm convinced is gold.

  4. That's what I call a hell of a day. Awesome day of fun in the sun. Congratulations on a profitable day.

  5. Gary,
    Thanks so much for the effort you put into your channel. I bookmark every 
    one of them. Can you provide a list of where I can purchase all of the components needed to set up that exact highbank outfit you were using please?
    Thanks much

  6. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I have been learning so much.
    Hopefully that puts gold into my pocket and a whole heap of fun trying.

  7. Hi Gary, I just turned 98!,and I feel like I know how to prospect,just from your great shows.Have you ever thought of having a couple students to work with you? Then you could be scraping 3 crevasses at a time. Don't pay them , charge them for the privilege.

  8. That's a really awesome area. It looks like a great place to just hang out even.

  9. That was some impressive prospecting! Thank you!!

  10. When carrying something like the motor switch hands every 10 seconds. The reason is very simple. If you carry it for 20 seconds lactic acid starts to build. Then the arms become very sore very quickly. Make the exercise anaerobic by only using the muscles a very short period. Then resting the same period. This uses a different energy source in the muscles and it will replenish quickly. Muck like wind sprints where you work and rest…no lactic acid build up! Therefore very little pain if any. You can even do this with something like a very heavy 12v battery. work and rest while walking.

  11. You in my opinion are a great prospector Gary. every year me and a friend head to the sierra`s for a gold trip. Never find too much but the adventure is always great. You have taught me a lot about how to and where over the years. Thanks for all your informative info. Take care an Happy Huntin`

  12. Thank you so much my friend I'm learning so much off your information very easy to understand and retain information thank you I'm moving back to New Brunswick from Ontario I'll be doing a lot of gold digging down there for sure. Wish you were there to help me out.

  13. Great job …. You have located some very nice areas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and instructions.

  14. Good job Gary, very nice gold chunks. I know you can't think of everything, but wondering if you could mention the names or brands of pump, I saw the rest.
    Aloha, Paul

  15. I think I would clean out that big crevice in the bed rock? Good hunting

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