Finishing Up Boxwood Planting, Gravel & Mulch Around the Hartley! 🌲🙌❤️ // Garden Answer

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13 Replies to “Finishing Up Boxwood Planting, Gravel & Mulch Around the Hartley! 🌲🙌❤️ // Garden Answer”

  1. Every video has new surprises, so nice to see the beautiful project, im from tropical country and i think i could grow some variety of what i see in your garden.

  2. Dut dutta da……… the moment we have all been watching and waiting for………. Gorgeous!!!

  3. Hey Laura you never cease to amaze with you knowledge and ability to produce stunning designs.

  4. It’s absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for having us take part in your journey. Even though at this point in time I love your parents garden even more because I simply love big trees and the cozy feel of a mature, grown-in garden, I’m sure your “estate” is on it’s way to become a masterpiece.

  5. It looks like the making of a new Versailles garden, but not French. Maybe the Hartley garden needs some English garden name?

  6. It's coming along so beautifully, Laura. Totally not garden related, but can you please share a hair tutorial and give deets on your eyeliner and mascara? They always hold up so well even when you're out there working your butt off. 🙂 You mentioned before that your hair is naturally curly/wavy and you straighten it in 10 minutes. I'd love to know what you do because I have the same hair type and can't get it to look like that.

  7. That was satisfying to watch. It takes me all day to plant a handful of new plants from the nursery. Crazy how fast you did all that.

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