first day of online classes | summer 2018

This summer I am taking two online summer classes to make sure I graduate in time and so I don’t have a hectic upcoming fall semester. Follow me along as I try and figure out how online classes work. There’s a first time for everything!
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30 Replies to “first day of online classes | summer 2018”

  1. I have subscribed you hope you can do the same . Anyway nice to see your efforts

  2. Hi! Sorry if this question bothers you, on which school where you enrolled? I’m planning on taking online classes so yeah

  3. WOW! You were so positive about the whole school part. I'm new to this channel and this was a really great video. Great job!👍👍

  4. If anyone needs "tutoring" for their online classes or need editing and proofreading for essays feel free to contact me at I have experience and references. I specialize in teaching university level statistics, programming, economics, mathematics and accounting. Feel free to leave a message!

  5. I me name s Nikki Thomson i like your YouTube video ht was good to watching your video ht was good to watching your YouTube video from Nikki Thomson xxx

  6. that’ll be neat to see a tour of your bedroom hopefully that doesn’t sound too weird to say lol

  7. My online classes are so easy ill be done with them in 2 weeks and ive only been doing them for 5 da

  8. You whole living room is bigger then my whole 2 level house and I swear I’m not. Exaggerating

  9. i’m taking a summer class through a college in texas so i can graduate high school a year early and i wish it was as organized as yours omg

  10. I was a little too ambitious and I registered for 4 summer online classes….. I'm kinda worried but 3 of them are things I'm really interested in (2 Comm classes and a nutrition class!) so I guess it'll be fun, but I really gotta have good time management.
    Seeing you vlogging yourself doing online classes actually motivates me so much!! Yayy!!! 😀 Hope you do well in your classes!! <3

  11. So now that you’re taking this class, does that mean you’ll be getting political with us? 🤔😂

  12. I’m taking art history too!! Well I’m taking it for a high school credit but still!

  13. i love every single kind of video or vlog that you are making – so this one was different, but in a good, chill relaxed kind of way… you are the best 🙂

  14. Not taking summer online classes but have taken online classes before. I would just write down all of my due dates in my planner ahead of time and also set alerts in your phone just in case you don’t have your planner with you and/or you forget lol. Good luck!!

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