"Flesh" Blender Wastes Less Product | Beauty Or Bust | Beauty Insider

We test out the Leia Ultraflesh blender, an alternative to beauty sponges that mimics the texture of skin for a more flawless, less wasteful makeup application.

Leia Ultraflesh Blender in Pink, $59.00

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“Flesh” Blender Wastes Less Product | Beauty Or Bust | Beauty Insider

24 Replies to “"Flesh" Blender Wastes Less Product | Beauty Or Bust | Beauty Insider”

  1. There's a reason the sponge absorbs some product as you blend it into your face and thats to make it appear more skin like and not cakey.. also if somebody wanted to blend their foundation in with something that felt "skin like" why wouldn't they just use their fingers? Even so the heat from your fingers would do a better job at helping blend product into the skin, just seems like a random money grab idea that someone came up with to seem original when really its totally unnecessary.. and btw the price tag on this thing is ridiculous no thank you.👎

  2. Okay we all agree that thing looks terrible but where the heck was the pigment in that cream blush?!? Time to pick a new one!

  3. I like the lighting from what looked like your house before. Makeup looks way different when you’ve got professional lighting, and this just doesn’t seem as natural? I’d rather see how it looks in natural lighting, personally.

  4. Maybe it’s just me and my dirty mind but these words and phrases made me giggle…for a phallic 🍆looking makeup sponge:
    Skin to skin contact
    Tiny slapping sounds
    Pumps, Pump
    Gentle tapping

    What did ya’ll think? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  5. Is it made of silicone? Because you can get a silicone applicator for like a dollar online with the same results. Eek.

  6. This probably makes me totally immature, but the ultra flesh blender looks phallic…when I first saw it a while back I thought it was a joke. That alone is a big NOPE for me.

  7. Why does most of the things in the world look like a phallus? And dt sponge looks like one 👀

  8. Immma say it

    Looks as though it's rechargeable for bedtime fun 🤷‍♀️🙈🤣

    Yeah, you thought it too

  9. This reminded me of the time that girl used her boyfriend’s balls to blend her makeup

  10. 1: it's has good perks ( okay yes )
    2: it looks weird um gurlie. And the sounds ( eh don't judge the sponge by her shape )
    3: the price GURLIE WTF 59 DOLLARS JUST MORE A MAKEUP SPONGE for a sponge…… ( nah who gone pay for that kinda price )

    Idk the 4 yall name it.

  11. I’m sorry, that looks like a scrotum. Props to Beauty Blender creator for keeping the prototype hot pink color for MP. Fleshy tone is not cute, at least in the beginning while we get used to a new product.

    This performance reminds me of what I hated about silicone sponges. They just lay the product on and move it around.

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