Flower Bed Maintenance: Perennial Cut Back, Rose Deadheading, Fixing Drip! 🌿✂️💧 // Garden Answer

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11 Replies to “Flower Bed Maintenance: Perennial Cut Back, Rose Deadheading, Fixing Drip! 🌿✂️💧 // Garden Answer”

  1. I keep telling myself that these kids can't get any cuter then I see this video and by golly they got cuter. Beautiful family.

  2. Holster that Falco. Their web site sells them as well.
    Those allium could've used a bit of purple paint! I actually loved them looking brown as well! I just would've cleaned up the dead foliage and left the "balls".

  3. My rose bush is not blooming. It has been dead headed too. Any suggestions on what I can do?

  4. You could’ve kept the Alium heads. If you sprayed them white, they could have been a cute addition to the window display at the garden center in winter/ at Christmas. Like giant snowballs or snowflakes you hung up 😊

  5. Hey Laura! Would you maybe consider doing one day a dry flower arrangement? Could be fun to have some ideas to enjoy our flowers for a longer time 😊 Keep up the good job! I'm stuck inside with a newborn, so seeing you do the jobs I should do in my own garden is so satisfying 🌸

  6. Amazing how you are handling those roses without gloves. I get poked everytime.

  7. I saw the MOST amazing flower in one of my gardening groups today.

    Peruvian Daffodil

    Check it out. It's just unlike any other daffodil I've seen. The woman who posted pics of the ones in her garden said she actually bought the bulbs at one of the Dollar Tree stores, believe it or not.

  8. Love how efficient you are!! What drip system do you use? Their are so many options out there…

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