Folding Smartphones Are Finally Here But Probably Not for Long

“It’s the latest news in tech! Foldable smartphones coming soon! The future is here!” Wait, we all had foldable phones back in the early 2000s! Yeah, the thing folded in half and flipped open with the flick of your thumb! Are we going back in time? The familiar, old flip phones (for anyone not old enough to remember) usually had a screen on one side and a keypad on the other, connected by a small hinge. The “clamshell” design.

But nowadays, we need bigger and bigger screens. We’re now working and studying from our phones, watching movies and shows, multi-tasking with split-screen features. Watch a YouTube video on one side, chat on social media on the other! So, no, the future will be nothing like the past – it’ll be all about a big long bendable screen! That’ll be a reality sooner than you think because foldable screens already exist thanks to OLED display technology.


OLED display VS LCD display 1:18
Why don’t we have foldable phones available to us already? 2:48
What smartphone manufacturers will have to do 3:56
You can already buy them! But… 6:19

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27 Replies to “Folding Smartphones Are Finally Here But Probably Not for Long”

  1. And here I am watching this on my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 ???? ???? ????

    chuckles I'm in danger!

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  3. The colored pixel part can also be seen by a teeny tiny droplet of water or saliva on a finger.

  4. Man they should use graphene for battery it is 1 atom layer very bery flexible. Fun fact : 1 gram of graphene costs 100000 dollars

  5. Well i have a lg dual screen it is thick and has two separated screen but is awesome and has great pictures

  6. Foldable smartphones are a thing of the future; it may make people want to buy them without doubt.

  7. me already knowing that bendable phone already exist because of the kdrama "back street rokkie"

  8. The young keyboard parallely shelter because shame hisologically support atop a imminent horse. hapless, tricky hen

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