Following an AI Generated Photo Shoot | Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey

AI is already capable of creating incredible art from text, but can it go a stage further and teach you how to create your own images in the style of someone else? That’s what photographer Gavin Hoey sets out to discover when he asks ChatGPT to write an AdoramaTV script in his own style.

The result is an AI-generated script for a photo session in a dark and moody style that mixes colored gels and smoke, exactly the sort of this Gavin loves to do. However it doesn’t take long before Gavin has to ask the AI ChatBot for more details about important parts of the session, and that’s where things start to go wrong. What type of light works best for moody portraits? How high should the light be? What color gels should he use?

Gavin does his best to follow the script and AI-generated suggestions but as he finds out, not all AI photo advice is good advice, just like in the real world!

Following An AI Generated Photo Shoot
0:00 Intro
0:49 Setting up the scene
1:20 The main light
3:18 The fill light
4:15 Adding colored gels
5:34 Shooting the portraits and modeling tips
6:43 Dark and moody photoshoot
7:35 Adding smoke to a portrait shoot
9:12 Dark, moody, and smoky photoshoot
10:04 Conclusions and Subscribe


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Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro

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Model and MUA Sophie Daly

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24 Replies to “Following an AI Generated Photo Shoot | Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey”

  1. I prefer the „natural Gavin” over the AI-influenced Gavin by a wide margin.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very funny! A good illustration of how AI is now very overrated… Thank you Gavin!

  3. The smoke made a huge difference with the photos. Great humor and creativity from Gavin.

  4. You no longer need real models or even own a camera , the ai generates the full images and lighting and everything

  5. hahaha… this is hilarious… in case AI took over your job, hope you will try out comedy, Gavin. LOL !

  6. AI has nothing on you. There is only one Gavin Hoey. You beat AI anytime. Thanks for another great video!!!

  7. Well it did say for a Dark and Moody look, light should be lower than eye height which isn’t completely wrong, I’m thinking Halloween though ????

  8. Wow, you fooled me Gavin! I thought today was Thursday when I saw your video. Too bad it's only Wednesday ????. Awesome video as always! Hahahaha, I love how you'd ended the video!

  9. Very cool ???????? The AI has a long way to go to catch up on you Gavin ????

  10. The umbrella is for protection against the rotten tomatoes the AI is getting

  11. nice to see you and Sophie playing around with "marginal advice", and still producing some fun shots. Take care! 🙂

  12. This is funny, using an AI to write your script, but please don't do it again????????????????????????

  13. Main advice to take pictures is to have fun. As we're all having fun enjoying this vid, I guess AI has been succesful today.

  14. I've never said this before but that's no slight to any of the models, and certainly your talents as a photographer and presenter are second to none_ but as wrong as the AI may have been your model Sophie is so genuinely stunning I suspect the AI would have needed to get a lot more things wrong to make her look anything less than fantastic. Cheers

  15. It never did tell yea power or using ttl.. but always a great video.. not what i was expecting .. was thinking you was going to use Ai app to actual make photos not chat gtp

  16. Another wonderfully fun video, and informative despite the chatbot. Thank you both for this. That said, I hope people understand that the current generation of this kind of AI are just really good at emulating language structures, etc… rendering them, essentially, really skilled BS-artists – where they sound quite convincing, but don't actually have any grasp of the subject. (P.S. This experiment does seem to rather prove the theory (which I've seen circulating) that it's virtually impossible to make the fantastic Ms. Daly actually look bad.)

  17. Your videos are all super helpful!! Much appreciated Gavin!! Thank you Adorama for making these!!

  18. Your skill, overriding the AI ended up creating some cool shots! Loved the En..En..En ding!

  19. All AI does is go through and take the information that's been programmed into it.

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