FOOT & ANKLE exercises for runners | with Physio Alina Kennedy

Here are five of my favorite foot & ankle exercises for runners. These are especially great for runners who have plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ankle instability or calf pain.

These are the exercises covered in the video
1. Single leg balance
x 30 seconds hold each leg
2. Star balance
x 8 reps each leg
3. Calf raises
x 12 reps each leg
4. Side hops
x 12 reps each leg
5. Forward & back hops
x 12 reps each leg

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16 Replies to “FOOT & ANKLE exercises for runners | with Physio Alina Kennedy”

  1. Very nice video i can see you have strong legs and feet it must work am going to start👍👌✊✌✋

  2. Thanks for

    Sharing your tips

    tricks n techniques

    for ankles feet etc.

    Plz. Tell us about

    knees and Full leg

    exercises to relieve

    pains sprains strains

    spasms etc. Etc.

    After all thanks for

    Sharing your

    thoughts n ideas to

    The InterNational Audience!

    To keep fit !

    Stay Blessed,

    Inspired n Connected

  3. Very nice, good video. If people follow these simple exercises, I’m sure everyone’s feet and ankles are strong. It is more effective for those people who suffering from any sort of problems with their feet and ankle. So let all practice these simple exercises to keep our feet and ankle strong.

  4. You have solid calves ankles and strong feet. These excercises clearly work . You have good form and posture. Nice video will start doing these excercise as I have weak ankles and feet.

  5. What about strokes about your ankle moving it to left to right and up and down because I had a stroke It’s very hard for me

  6. Suffering fr calf pain since one year
    Is it useful please be guided

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