Free Speech: Colleges in the Crossfire | Moving Upstream

Born on college campuses, free-speech debates have returned, leaving students, faculty and administrations caught in the crosshairs. WSJ’s Jason Bellini goes back to class to see why some students have had it with free speech.
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20 Replies to “Free Speech: Colleges in the Crossfire | Moving Upstream”

  1. All reminds me of the film "The Last Supper" 1995! The poorly named "liberals" have some evil angels of attack!

  2. Ironically, those claiming to be anti-fascists are the ACTUAL fascists….the rainbow flag is now a fascist flag. Fascists support government censorship and speech via actual violence.

  3. the left define free speech as not being hate speech and want to create "safe zones" and want their voices to be heard loud and clear yet they are also the ones that silence the people who they do not agree with just so they can voice their own opnions…. (hopefully that makes sense)

  4. What is hilarious is they made an internet troll more famous than he should have been. They should have just ignored him but instead they gave him exactly what he wanted.

  5. If someone was ever to ask students of an ethnicity to leave campus that would be segregation something we all fundamentally stand against. So why all of a sudden only 67 years after board of Education Supreme Court case made this illegal are we asking it of another group. Fight for equality not discrimination of others.

  6. Let the book burning begin!! Liberalism is the new NAZISM! A true Liberal should embrace free speech and divergent points of view. Instead,Liberals label ANYONE with a different point of view as alt-right,as a means to discredit them and shout them down.

  7. I am going to out myself, I am a black man. Now I'm going to say what I see. A lot of these people are not minorities, they are gay white people. Every time I see someone complaining on a college campus about race, they are not even black. These people are competing with each other to figure out who is actually oppressed among them. I think it is kind of sick. Listen, you can hide that you are gay, you can't hide that you are black.

  8. Decadent demonc rats party…. Scam your rights, freedom of speech… Freedom of arms. Communism….. In the background?
    God bless the U. S
    President, Viva Republican Party 2020.,.,

  9. this is not our world this is there world now we gave all our institution to the hands of the left and yes i find hope for regaine what we loss

  10. From across the ocean it seems when the media openly criticise anyone supporting candidate (or party) A as uneducated this gives those who support candidate (or party) B the illusion that they're educated, and by extension, more intelligent. Nowhere is this going to be more pronounced that within higher education and no-one is going to be more impatient to achieve their ends than the young.
    Sorry media, but you have to take some of the responsibility for this.

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