Free Throws: How Hard Can It Be?

Elena Delle Donne, the star of the WNBA’s Chicago Sky, shoots free throws better than anyone in professional basketball. We wanted to know: What’s the key to shooting a great free throw? Photo: Rob Alcaraz/The Wall Street Journal

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15 Replies to “Free Throws: How Hard Can It Be?”

  1. That’s interesting, she shoots ft’s similar to how I shoot them. I bring the ball up closer to my face and go up on my toes with hardly bending my knees. My personal best is 80 consecutive. I would recommend to anybody our method of shooting ft’s. Whether in business or sports you should follow a successful model.

  2. She’s one of the best free throw shooters in basketball history yet you wouldn’t teach someone to shoot like her. Proof there’s no “perfect” technique.

  3. She should be paid more than the men. They should have a woman on every NBA team. It would be more entertaining.

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