Full Garden Tour and Harvest, This is Why Your Baby Squash Keep Dying…

Why do my baby squash keep dying off before they get big enough to eat you may be asking yourself, and me and Tuck will show you how to easily fix this issue leading to bigger harvests. We also show you how the gardens are growing and harvest some massive cauliflowers and cabbage along the way!

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21 Replies to “Full Garden Tour and Harvest, This is Why Your Baby Squash Keep Dying…”

  1. By far the best gardening channel !
    I just planted my first vegetable garden. It's not going so well but I'm very pleased.

  2. I was given a mystery plant. My friend said it was lettuce, but it always looked more kale-like. It is in between green and blue green with toughish curly leaves. It is now forming a head. Any ideas on what it might be?

  3. You must get adequate rainfall in Jersey. A lot of the country is having a drought. with very hot temps. As for my raspberries they are almost non existent with tiny berries. The deer ate my strawberry plants and my Asian pear tree has got Asian Pear Rust .If the raccoons don 't get my pears something else does going on 8 years. The blackberries are looking good. Hoping to do better with my veg garden. So far it is looking pretty good but we need rain. Give Tuck a carrot for me!

  4. Our zucchini’s female flowers are not opening at all. They just start to rot. Help!

  5. use a little string around your cabbages as they grow, it avoids the butterflies laying eggs inside. 😉

  6. I just started some dwarf Apple trees and yes, Apple Crisp is the tops! I am training them in a columnar system as I thought this may be easier to manage. Would like to try the clay to prevent insect damage and thought it was great you mention painting it on the apples only later on.
    I look at your garden and it seems you have quite a bit of shade. I have tent town with shade fabric as our micro climate in zone 5a is relentless–desert like. Eventhough I have a lot of organic material, without some shade the sun/heat zaps the moisture right out. Some areas I haven't worked the soil yet the water will bead up on the sand and roll off and then finally sink in to dry up in hours. I use mulch, but had to pull it off the potatoes because earlier we had a lot of rain and its either rotting the stems or i still have a cutworm., but now we have the heat dome.
    All your fruit and veggies look happy, but I need to raise more for preserving. When it comes to fencing and shading it can get to be work and expensive. You try and shoo the rabbits and deer away and they snort back at you like they aren't afraid–they are getting more brazen.
    Your climate is warmer and humid, not extreme as here–you are lucky. Does anyone know why I can grow all veggies except lettuce and radishes? And peonies don't flower?
    I've tried everything. The lettuce and radishes take like 60 days and radishes tend not to bulb. The peonies have great leaves and crown is near the top. I bought new ones this year and hopefully next year I see flowers. I've tried all three problem plants in different areas with no luck. In the last 10 years I've moved the peonies 3 times and I know they don't like to be moved, but they are not flowering wherever they are?

  7. Hey James, where you in jersey. Are you in Montclair or Glen Rick .. i am in Garfield..

  8. Are you having any spotted lanternfly issues with your grapes? I have just one Concord vine that really took off nicely, but I've noticed a fair bit of damage from the lanternfly up and down the greener bits of vine. I've also found quite a few nymph-stage lanternflies on the vines.

  9. I know you said in another video that if you had to redo your grape arbor you would do it differently but i truly like the way yours is set up. I imagine sitting under it since we have very little shade in our yard.

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