Full Review/Demo: NEW Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

♥Sexy Makeup Look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViDYA8xIDTA

Hey boo bugs! I finally feel like I know this product! I didn’t do an overview bc I just talked about each overview point back to back. 🙂 If I left anything out just let me know and I shall get back to you! xoxo

Would you like to see another Valentines day makeup look?

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11 Replies to “Full Review/Demo: NEW Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation”

  1. Michelle, what would you recommend for a Day foundation for oily / combo skin? What do you use for daytime foundation?

  2. You don't a lot of this product. For me, I did not need half the amount of my regular foundation

  3. I have 203 ture beige and it look pink when I applied it to my face. But when I watch your video it looks yellow on you =0?
    I know we are the same color but I don't understand

  4. Well thats cool, tomorrow ill buy it😊, I have oily combination skin and every light watery foundation dont seem to last on me so ill try this matte one because most of the time I have very very oily skin, and it kinda looks like the estee lauder foundation but more of a mouse consistency:0

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