Game Changing CONCEALER!! ???? ???????? #JohnnyRossMakeup

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23 Replies to “Game Changing CONCEALER!! ???? ???????? #JohnnyRossMakeup”

  1. Johnny, does the way this works mean it will be good for "mature" skin? I don't have a ton of wrinkles but some concealers dry out my under eye and then I see all the little imperfections

  2. Love it! Definitely need more videos like this, I need help finding a foundation ????

  3. Would you use this only under eye or do you think it would be good and not over drying on blemishes? When something is fast drying it tends to cake or crease on older 40 year old skin for me.

  4. Back to add : the drying down is great but fast. I learned to really be ready and get shit done quickly

  5. All of your videos are add to cart…seriously so nice to have advice that is not based on lies

  6. Now I want this concealer more than anything else, but I live in Brazil and we don’t have Covergirl here ????

  7. I finally found it. You are right….game changer. Also bought the Neutrogena serum foundation….killer combo. My face is flawless. Thank you Johnny❤️

  8. Ong I love you!!!! My problem area is my eyes. I could not find sonthing that worked. I would looked older and the lines would look worse. I tried this bc I find you amazing and this stuff really is incredible!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!!

  9. Johnny Ross. I’ve only just discovered you. Me and my two year old daughter are in love .. thanks for your content ♥️????

  10. Fair Ivory looks dark on Walmart's app. What shade is he using?? Thanks in advance????

  11. So I haven't followed you for long, but I got distracted by the ring. I hope that means you've claimed solid joy. ❤

  12. Like, I practically never put on makeup nor do I know anything about make up, but there is something very nice about watching this guy eagerly recommending make up and explaining the properties of it.

  13. I took it out and used it and OMG. I SUFFER FROM DARK circles and nothing lasts beyond 2 hours without touch up and this was ALL DAY. I AM shocked. I could cry.

  14. I got to stop watching your videos my list for Ulta is growing with your recommendations

  15. I HAVE TO say THANK YOU for this post ???? I have a skin condition that has left my face resembling the coat of a Jaguar. I had long ago given up on finding something that will give me coverage without feeling like my face has been dipped in plaster, until you put this on my radar. This concealer has been a total game changer for me and I have you to thank.

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