Garland Pose – Foundations of Yoga

Learn the foundations of Garland yoga pose with Adriene! This pose is a great hip opener! Good for stretching and strengthening the feet, the ankles and the back body. Great for the the belly and increasing full body awareness and good posture. A fantastic pose for pregnant women too!

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24 Replies to “Garland Pose – Foundations of Yoga”

  1. Lol garland pose… you have literally translated mal-asan to english without understanding its actual meaning.
    It means the pose which one assumes while empty bowels in the morning… which called mal in hindi… so essentially shitting pose.

  2. I have really enjoyed doing the froggy squat, so delighted to find this video to practise further. I was so pleased with my ability to keep my feet flat on the floor that your revelation about the feet actually being together was a bit of a "Wowser!" moment for me. Looking forward to making that eventual progress. Thanks, as always, Adriene from Glasgow, Scotland.

  3. Just found you and this channel. Love it! Your teaching style is perfect for me. I will co.e back to this every day as the start of my. Stretching routine. Thank you ! Subscribed.

  4. I’m always surprised that every time I practice with Adriene I feel renewed immediately after ending the video. Pure magic, even in the shorter amount of time.

  5. Thank you for this video. It is helping me to understand, better, what I recently read on a blog post.
    In addition, I'd like to say that there is an old book about a Japanese gentlemen who recovered from paralysis. I cannot find THAT book but only the government sanitized one released by his grandson, but even that one has great merit- though far less information and exercises- when it comes to strengthening and loosening the hips. There are something like 3-5 floor exercises that are actually fairly basic to calisthenics, but with emphasis on doing the movements from the hips. I have found videos that show some variation of these exercises under the same name. As I am not getting into a proper squat any time soon, I was thinking of something Taro Ho said in his videos, about starting from the floor instead of from a standing position, and that reminded me of the Makka Ho exercises which are all on the floor. But, some of them can be started with a variation that involves doing the same kind of stretches, but seated in a chair, if even the floor is too much for a person.

    I say all this not to take away from this video, but because I have been chronically ill where I could barely move for years and even the "beginner" exercises were always far beyond me when I started back on recovering some leg strength and flexibility. So, in case anyone else feels that way, it is fine to do other exercises to work up to doing the one you are hoping to do, and even modifying those ones by doing the movement as best as you can in the safest way possible.

  6. Thanks! I have started to have hip flexibility issues, never been flexible but this video is a gift to help me work on it.

  7. You said, "my culture" at least twice. What's up with that? Does it qualify as moral exhibitionism? Who exactly do you think is watching this video?

  8. Dear Adriene, I love your post and explanation of postures 🙂 I was just wondering, I can pretty easily sit in this pose with heels up or with a support under my butt, however if I don't have the support it begins to hurt my hip flexors. Any suggestions? I would love to be able to watch a movie, sitting like this, but more than a minut or 2 is to much…

  9. Not understanding the reason behind bolstering heels with towel, seems to minimize the stretch to the lower back and possibly cause compression…
    Maybe it's similar to weight lifting squats? For years I was told flat/no shoes was the way to go but then one day I wore the "wrong" shoes which had
    a heel to them and found that I was able to do more reps with relative ease over my flat ones. Never had a problem doing body weight flat until I took 
    an arrow to the knee…

  10. Dunno if you're still monitoring your channel but I found this video very comforting for my back. I had failed back surgery 9 years ago and this was my first time trying and was the first feeling of pain relief it was amazing can't wait to keep going!

  11. If it helps, the correct way to pronounce Malasana (Maalaasana) is to pronounce the first syllable slightly longer, rhyming with the expression, ‘aah’ or even rhyming with the second syllable. The third and fourth syllables are shorter.

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