Get 10 MORE Years! Out of Your Compost Bays!

In this video, I show you an EASY DIY fIX to get 10 more years out of your compost bays! This compost bay refurbishment using recycled plastics is sustainable, safe, long-lasting, good-looking, and perfect for the job…

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20 Replies to “Get 10 MORE Years! Out of Your Compost Bays!”

  1. Dam waspsss…..ugh. We battle them every year…
    Another awesome video. Thank you and heal that finger up!

  2. I'm afraid, that now the air flow is reduced through the pallets , they are going to rot faster.

  3. Why would you close down to the ground? Thats where all the microorganisms come from that help you make compost. Where else would they come from?

  4. We line the inside of our compost pallets with chicken wire for ventilation. We then put down plywood, plastic sheeting or tarps on the ground so the weeds won’t come up.
    We get horse manure for free and the farmer loads our pickup truck with their tractor.

  5. Composting is an aerobic process. The compost pile needs to breathe. If you seal out the air with a layer of plastic, you will probably produce silage – ie, preservation of the green stuff by anaerobic fermentation.

  6. I wonder if a stall mat would make a good ground barrier? Right now I'm using plastic trash cans with holes all around the outside and a tube of hardware cloth down the center. So far it's working ok. It's still winter here in the states so I need to get out there and dump them out to see what I have finished.

  7. I haven't looked into this plastic forest products yet, but I would be concerned about the plastic leaching into the soil and being taken up by the plants. We have so much plastic in our food and water these days.

  8. We have a 2 bay system for our compost.
    We put stage 3 directly into our garden.
    On top we have plywood for the cover. We put Tar paper on the outside of the plywood to hopefully generate more heat while it helps keep the rain and (4-5 feet ) of snow from deteriorating the plywood.
    Our land was a Forest when we bought it, so its never been worked.
    After building our raised garden beds we fill them with topsoil.
    To add the much needed nitrogen we simply add potash during the spring and fall. During the summer we buy a few bales of Alph Alpha that we buy from a neighbor.
    He sells it to us fairly cheap bc we give some of our old apples and kitchen waste to their horses and hogs.

  9. Great video! Good to see you, it’s been awhile. Love the plastic idea❤
    Have a good one.

  10. The only good thing about tabacco is if you put a wad of tobacco on an insect bite it usually removes all those issues that you talked about. You must moisten the tabacco before putting it on the bite. Let it stay on the bite until you feel the stinging go away.

  11. Had a bumblebee sting you right in the back of the head. While I was mowing, I just reached back and slept back in my head and my hat flew out in front of me and I ran over it with with the lawnmower. Wasn't my favorite experience hahaha.


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