Get Slim Calves – Calves Workout for Women

Simple exercises to get slim calves fast, calves workout you can do at home without equipment or weights. This video workout is ideal for women who desire slim perfect legs.

⦿ Calorie Burn: 30 – 60

⦿ Frequency: do the workout 3 times a week

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Consult your doctor before starting these exercises .

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22 Replies to “Get Slim Calves – Calves Workout for Women”

  1. Does this workout makes calves bigger or slim them? I really confused because of the comment. I need a workout slim calves. Please add more pilates video for slim calves

  2. I miss those days when they used to upload good shirt vids?

  3. Did it everyday for two weeks , the results are amazing? got that summer bod now ?

  4. Nice video! But I've heard that the first exercise actually helps to build big calves and not slim ones…is this true?

  5. pls can dis really help cuz I really have a muscle yam leg like a man and am always shy 2 wear shot clothes

  6. The stretching help more slim your calves , the other workouts they mention actually build the muscles

  7. So unfortunately my calf are huge smh. But it’s time I do something about it. I purchased some calf slimmers to put on my legs while I work along with fat burning cream. I’m going to measure my calf’s & do this work out for two weeks & see how it goes

  8. I'm going to do this for a month, along with doing 3 types of calf raises, I'll keep you guys updated to see if it really works. Currently doing 200 calf raises a day (100 in the morning 100 at night) I've seen a fair change, for example at first I only could see the inside muscle only show if I stood on my tiptoe, after doing the raises for a week I'm starting to see both on each side of my calves along with a dent on the side of it. I was so surprised. Stay motivated, I'll update in a week.

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