Glit Fit! ♥ Favorite Healthy Snacks and Workout Gear

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24 Replies to “Glit Fit! ♥ Favorite Healthy Snacks and Workout Gear”

  1. Also u should dry baking some whole wheat pita bread in the oven with the guacamole instead of tortillas. Way less in cals & fat

  2. There's a guacamole seasoning packet at Walmart in the fruit & veggie section. All u have to do is add the packet to an avocado & it is so yummy!

  3. When you had your darker hair, it really brought out your eyes more. You're gorgeous either way though! 😊

  4. I'm not sure if they still have these at Trader Joe's but they had sushi that was wrapped in carrot instead of seaweed. It was so good!

  5. Avocados number might also be because avagadros number is a math and science term that describes particles per mole of a given substance… I love beauty and science haha

  6. My no. 1 favorite thing of the moment is Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, 90 program!!! I recently started it and it's AMAZING <3 😀

  7. I Love The Hip Hop Zumba Classes! Lauren Fitz and Dance Fitness with Jessica are Awesome at Home You Tube Channels For This!! My Favorite besides speed walking!!

  8. a way to prevent avocado from turning brown is to add lime. I make my own all the time and it doesn't turn brown

  9. I'm addicted to yoga!  I love it!! It's so relaxing yet works all the muscles in my body.  

  10. I love Zumba!! It's so fun and doesn't even feeling like you're working out! 😀 love you elle xxx

  11. My essential fitness thing is yoga, all the way. Clears the stress, tones the bod and aligns your joints. I played vball in college and put my bones and ligaments through some serious impact. 3 surgeries later, yoga keeps me just as fit as I ever was in my glory days.

  12. I have insomnia as well. Recently, I have been using melt-under-your tongue  nature made melatonin. It is vanilla flavor to boot, so it is like a bonus and mixes with well with tea.  I have a light snack too. Your video made me want to try frozen mango in summer and kind bars now.
    I agree snack helps to sleep ~ I just avoid eating biggest meal at night,since I am trying not to look like sumo wrestler ( they only eat at night to add to their famous fat rolls)

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