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  1. U see how he's using his left foot for hip control. Shift it under his shoulder blades. Use ur right arm to grab ur left ankle then work the plata. This should help.

  2. oh, but to more definitively answer your question. when pulling rubber guard, let's say you lock your left leg to your right wrist (my preferred side). I assume you're talking about your opponent then pushing down your right leg right? Plant your right foot into his hip, and LOCK the leg against his body. You may even need to wrap the leg around his back to ensure it holds him there. good luck!

  3. I'm in the exact same boat as you buddy. I'm 6'4" but only 185 pounds with very little muscle to show, and i always get paired up with guys at my school the same height but with 30 pounds on me. Strength is not everything, but it definitely accounts for something. I do recommend you take some time to focus on strength training (kettle bells, squats, pullups) and don't give up. Figure out ways to bypass the size disadvantage.

  4. Lol, I actually almost got this the very first time I used the rubber guard……just didn't finish it properly so I went into an omoplata sweep…

  5. this is for madmike. if they are getting out and gping straight into side
    control, you need to learn the double bagger from rubber guard. this technique allows you to trap your opponent and keep him from "exploding" out of mission control.

  6. That is one problem I have, I am 5 foor 9 and like 9 stone. Basicly 125 to 130 pounds. but as flexable as aoki it seems. today when I rolled with a guy who always asks me how I do the things taught to us because I learn quicker. He just powers out alot of the time, I can't get out of his guard…like at all XD but every submisson he does I get out and can worm into mount..just for him to buck out. I am just wondering is it a be all end all to get bigger?

  7. A few things to remember. Not all moves will work on all people all the time. Strength CERTAINLY has something to do with jiu jitsu. A very strong person can even out things. A strong person who has jiu jitsu experience even more so. Jiu Jitsu is a physical martial art that requires effort. Personally, building up the body WITH the technique is the proper thing to do. World champs are athletes and they understand the importance of full body training.

  8. I have a huge problem with this, everytime I try it they just posture up and get into side control. Because I am a very thin and physically weak guy, this is always a problem with keeping their posture, is there a trick to this? Because I joined BJJ because i love grappling and it is suppost to NEVER be about strength at all, if anything, pure strength should be a negitive.

  9. my jiujitsu teacher said to bring the foot towards you and straighten out you leg, but when i tried it i didnt do it that good can someone explain to me in full detail every little important movement to get the gogoplata

  10. @tdawson32 Nate or Nick? Nick Diaz's gogoplata against Takanori Gomi was coupled with Crackhead Control, another position in the 10th planet system. Different people use different variations, depending upon the situation; at the end of the day, we know that the system works. I wouldn't expect one video to cover all the different variations on gogoplata in the world.

  11. My brother and I grapple and mess around every once in a while and his weight always is a factor in getting me on my back, I tried this just for the hell of it (never did it or practiced it before but I watched this video) and it worked!

  12. I love how you start by showing the technique at full speed before breaking down the motions… Every instructional video (in almost any topic) should be done this way!

  13. I tried using this technique, and i got a novice with it. but for someone who gable grips their hands as a defense from the zombie, i don't know what to work from their

  14. ari, when i go for this move i seem to do everything right but i cant seem to secure my foot under his neck, what am i doing wrong??

  15. another technique i like, is another variation of the gogoplata where i take my opposite leg (the one NOT under the chin) and wing it over his head, and take an arm and grab my ankle, cranking it back. the partner REALLY has to fall into it. it could be escaped fairly easily if the opponent is of a higher caliber. requires a lot of flexibility, and a lot of setting up. pretty hard to get into, but if cinched, there isn't much you can do about it.

  16. @Submissions101
    agreed. this is probably my favorite submission maneuver. let alone my favorite rubber guard based submission. I have had 2 wins using the gogoplata similar to how diaz performed it. i find i can put better leverage by overlapping my leg and pulling down on the head when clasping hands. it just seems a LOT harder to get out of it. at least from my end, it does. i'm a big fan of your vids, very instructional and very helpful.

  17. The people who get slamed u have to do it fast or just stand up when he's about to slam u and go for leg sweep and get in his guard and slam him

  18. i know this is not the straight jacket video… but why can't your opponent escape/ stand up when you apply pressure to the straight jacket from rubber guard? thanks.

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