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First Outift:
Dress: niorblanco.com
shoes: http://bit.ly/1MnZDXh

2nd Outfit:
Dress: http://bit.ly/1Kw6L0I
shoes: ego.co.uk

3rd Outfit:
top: fashionnova.com
skirt: http://bit.ly/1DjO9A4
shoes: simmishoes.com

4th outfit:
Top: tobi.com
leggings: F21
Coat: http://bit.ly/1JiNQtI
shoes: simmishoes.com

5th outfit:
Dress: showpo.com
shoes: ego.co.uk
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Nathalie Paris

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28 Replies to “GOING OUT FALL OUTFIT IDEAS ♡ Nathalie Paris”

  1. omggg did you delete your room tour video?? i found your channel again and was so looking forward to watching it😭

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  3. I hate seeing all these negative comments. It’s just clothes people. Leaving unnecessary rude comments reflects people’s insecurities.

  4. But wait I’m here in 2020 but these comments 😣 y’all just mad cause at 15 y’all was shaped like mini fridges. Still love you girl xoxo

  5. This is literally my clubbing outfit. Too showing and tight for fancy restaurant and too dressy for normal restaurant/bar

  6. Oh god I'm so glad that people can dress how they like

    I'm 15 and I prefer dressing up like a child, just don't care what is modern at the moment.

    But respect for you, that you have enough self-confidence to wear such things

  7. why are you all commenting hate comments age is just a number , and you can dress whatever styles you like! well she dressed perfect and I just wanna say you all haters are just jealous cuz' she dress better than you

  8. wait she's a bit older than me and like hawt damn and I'm here standing like a little kawaii potato

    but kawaii

  9. she looks so uncomfortable and like she couldn't breath in the first outfit that i was trying to breath for her

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