Golf Tips for Distance – Long Driver

Mike Gorton is a Four Time World Long Drive Champ crushing the ball 449 yards. If you want the SIMPLE SECRETS to launching consistently long, accurate drives yourself off every tee then you MUST see this1

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  1. 😆 ok so how do I release this angle???

    I can hold that angle all day but nobody ever explains HOW to whip it! So frustrating

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    Best luck

  3. excellent advice.  A lot of it is in how people use words to describe the action. I don't think of the right arm as passive at all but as a powerful right elbow move toward impact with it tucking quickly into the right side. This automatically narrows the arc of the swing on the downswing. Also for left side, one could practice just left arm swings to get a feel of the powerful pulling and lever action of the left arm on the down swing. There is much confusion on all this because of how people use words to describe it. Nicklaus said he released at the top. But he did not mean he casted from the top. And more specifically those who say they release from the top I do not think are saying that they actively uncock their wrists from a full cocked position at the top of the swing. This would be active casting and would slow the swing down and maintain the same wide arc down as one had in the back swing.

  4. Actually improved my driver quite a bit, I don't hook as much and I get much more whip on the contact. Went from a 270~ish drive now rolling into the 295 range, thanks for the tip!

  5. Great reminder that you hit farther by NOT trying to kill the ball. Good tip.

  6. Great tip, it's all about the "whip". Don't be afraid to see how late you can release.

  7. One of the best tips! 😉 tried it ones and it really worked!!!! i hit my 7 iron 165 m!!!!! 180 yards!!!

  8. great tip its kind of like a explosion of power from your wrists that whips the club after you make you down swing after keeping that angle

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