Growing Roses, A Complete Beginner's Guide

When I started gardening, I never thought I’d get into any flowers, let alone roses! They were a grandmother’s plant to me…but I was sorely mistaken. Over 10 years later, they’re one of my favorite flowers to grow.

Thanks to Heirloom Roses for providing us with some of their best-of-class own-root roses – if you don’t know what that means then you need to watch the video! Check them out at , and use the code “EPIC20” to get 20% off all orders from Heirloom Roses through 6/30/2023!


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00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Background
00:28 – History
01:13 – Rose Cultivars
02:00 – Grafted vs. Own Root Roses
03:16 – Types
05:51 – Care
07:44 – Container Growing
08:10 – Fertilizing
09:01 – Watering
09:37 – Pruning


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17 Replies to “Growing Roses, A Complete Beginner's Guide”

  1. Heirloom Roses is a lovely company. I've now ordered 3 times from them. So far they've converted me into a rose lover (who would've ever thought!!)

  2. Who ever has been editing these videos needs a raise. Love kev as a grandma ????❤

  3. I've got a rose bush at the corner of my driveway thats prob been run over a dozen times but its still kicking

  4. Rose history is fascinating. The Empress Josephine had a famous garden at Malmaison and Napoleon’s generals curried favor by bringing her roses from all over. There are also good stories about a group the Smithsonian dubbed the Texas Rose Rustlers.

  5. Roses are awesome! I live in zone 4b, high winds, clay soil and a salty well. Rose family plants are some of the only plants that handle my conditions. Own root roses all the way!

  6. i absolutely love your channel. I found your neem oil video, however my issue is a little different. My backyard is LOADED with fire ants and I was wondering if you have a recommended way of dealing with them? They are crazy attracted to fertilizer and I'm trying to find a way to kill or repel them. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

  7. Cecil Bruner is my favorite. When I moved I think that rose and my microwave is the only thing I miss.

  8. I was given a miniature rose 20-30 years ago. It did not even survive the first month. I think roses are pretty and some of them are really fragrant; but, my favorite flowers are the ones that Mother Nature grows without any interference from me. I will leave the rose growing to others.

  9. Roses bloom nonstop for months, pollenators love them, they have incredible colors and scents, huge flowers, the rose petals and hips are edible and roses will survive drought and create habitat for animals. They are the queens of the garden for a reason.

  10. For a complete guide, it's highly lacking in the pruning information. Kinda disappointing

  11. I really like Heirloom Roses Company. Glad you found this company. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for this video.

  12. Rugosas… watch out for the suckers. Some of those guys will take over the planet

  13. I always bury the grafted part of the rose. This is the weakest part of a rose. 2 – 4 inches below the soil. This will make a happy rose.

  14. Epic Gardening, I greatly appreciate you and your content helping me fulfill my gardening passion. That history in the beginning was genius great addition to your work.

  15. It's suggested in northern climates to actually bury the graft point. I'd rather just bury it in leaves come fall. That's extremely important in northern climates because the cold dry winds can zap them

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