HAIR BASICS| How to easily wash your Natural Hair

Hey all
So this is part of the whole washing routine. As you already know, I keep things super simple. Keep in mind, I am only showing you what I do because… it is one of my MOSTLY asked questions!
I love the Terressential so much that I am willing to pay shipping TWICE for it. As they don’t ship to Canada, I buy the product off their website and send it to a friend in the States and they ship it to me. This product cost me, but it makes my hair feels so amazing! The good thing is that it last me a long time.

Mud wash:

Ps. All products were bought with my own money

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16 Replies to “HAIR BASICS| How to easily wash your Natural Hair”

  1. I believe someone else already asked but I didn't see a reply but is ACV ok to use on low porosity hair? Also I've heard shea butter is too heavy on low porosity hair as well. My hair is super dry no matter what (light oils/heavy oils etc.) but I like the simplicity of your routine and wanted to try it out. Thanks

  2. I just did my big chop a couple of days ago and now my hair texture is like yours.. how many times do you wash your hair?

  3. I like the hair is low porosity and I heard that ACV could be stripping and that it lays your cuticle's down! Are you low porosity? I used ACV before, but since my hair is already dry, I could not tell the difference…but I'm working on my hair moisturization.

  4. I'm scared to put apple cider vinegar in my hair..I just feel like it would be so there any other ingredient I can put with a mud wash that's less harsh

  5. I just love the way you wash your hair and I'm going to try it…..was always looking for natural product for my hair….Thank you for sharing!

  6. @jemy1415 I am a new subbie and im LOVING your videos soo far. Very informative. 1 question: Have you ever thought about making your own mud wash? I know @***** has a video on how to make it yourself! Just a thought. Keep doing what you are doing sis!

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