Hair Tutorial: Eva Longoria Inspired ♥ (up do)

♥Open for more info:

♥Hey girls! This video is just a super quick and easy hair tutorial perfect for those days you don’t want your hair down or for 3rd day “dirty hair”. Obviously this look was inspired by Eva Longoria and when I saw it, I thought it was very classy looking and simple to achieve. I Hope you enjoy the video and if any questions please feel free to leave me a message below. Thanks for watching!

Also I think prom season is coming up for some of my younger viewers! If for any reason you can’t afford to get your hair done or its all booked up, try this! I’m sure it’ll look amazing!

♥Products needed for this look:
1/2 inch curling iron
Bobby pins
Hairs spray
Rubber band
Hair clip brush

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** And i know someones going to ask lol… I have this weird skin “condition” where I get these darker splotchy areas on my body. (its nothing serious its just prominent in the filipino genes-mine atleast) It gets more noticeable in the summer when I get color on my skin. For whatever reason these places get super dark faster lol!

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  1. Its the same hairstyle jlo wore in the plan b movie. I was looking for that same exact updo :). Thanks!

  2. Please answer.. How did you get you hair that collor highlights? And if so what color?

  3. sorry i know i asked on your latest tutorial….but can you do a tutorial on this eye look here or atleast explain what makeup(blush/eyeshadow/lip) you used here?? sooo gorg! love it and your vids! love how you're so real…xoxo

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