Handle and Push stick #shorts

#shorts // Charcuterie handle and a Table saw push stick. This template has a dual purpose.

DIY PLANS: https://designsbydonnie.com/diy-plans-2/

Templates: https://designsbydonnie.com/templates/

22 Replies to “Handle and Push stick #shorts”

  1. So how can I buy one for my husband he's a carpenter I'd love for him to have something like that

  2. Weapons are bad Look to 🇺🇦 and the fingers are much to close to the blade – so a double fault

  3. Incita a la violencia, con esa figura, como trabajo se ve muy bien, pero insisto incita a la violencia

  4. U made a fancy cutting board with a usless handle well extra handle unless ur gonna use it to scrape the meat or fruit off with.

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