Hartley Landscaping & Back Garden Update Tour + Planting Garlic! 😃💚🧄

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19 Replies to “Hartley Landscaping & Back Garden Update Tour + Planting Garlic! 😃💚🧄”

  1. How exciting on how much you've accomplished in your garden near the Hartley. Thinking of planting garlic this year. Love the markers you placed for labeling the garlic. Where did you purchase them?

  2. Great video Laura! Can’t wait to see the garlic grow! Looking so good around the Hartley!

  3. Such an enjoyable video – thank you. I no longer turn my garden. Once a year I pile on my own compost and plant directly into that. If I'm creating a new bed for flowers and shrubs I do the same, not only is it so much easier but my garden likes it as well. No dig =more free time.

  4. THANK YOU so much for this update. Love the progress! Excited to see where this all leads. I see YEARS of YouTube posts in your future and am so very happy for it. … Edit: @ 18.45 From this perspective – such a gorgeous view – but was the brick patio's length from the pallet in front of the Hartley to the right edge of the frame – or was it more from left to right? The angle and perspective with the chicken coop to the left are confusing me. And may I add, I LOVE how open and sunny this view is now. Just absolutely gorgeous. … Now at 33.05, Oh how I can feel your angst at the Boxwoods being removed. My heart just lurched. I do see the vision in the very near future, but it just feels brutal, somehow. /I get it.

  5. Laura, it's so enjoyable watching your & Aaron's dreams coming to fruition. Every day is a new vision & accomplishments. Just delightful!

  6. Your kids are going to grow up thinking adults are constantly in motion and landscapes are only temporary. I enjoyed this video so much that I forced my husband to watch it. He shakes his head if I change one little thing. This video helped him see my little projects as very little projects.

  7. Great video! Would love to see a video on how you guys maintain your large gravel areas, especially areas prone to weeds or under trees. Can it be done without using pesticides?

  8. What a cool job to be able to wreck stuff. Enjoyed watching all that at the end. Now I can’t wait to see what you all do to this space. 😊

  9. I really enjoy your message about just taking out plants that don't work with my vision for my property. I own a farm, and I really want to expand it to grow more beans of the soy variety but the Rainforest is in the way. I think I will, per your advice, remove it.

  10. Just a thought, you have often commented how much you like the terracing in your parents garden, have you considered dropping the grade in the garden? Maybe 2-3 feet at the driveway, then drop it 1-2 feet at the back so that where you did the cardboard plantings you step down into a garden area. You could curve the different areas with steps up or down throughout. Since you get such little rainfall, you wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about pooling in the lowest areas.

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