Harvesting Cabbage & Strawberries, Planting Flower Seedlings & Pulling Ranunculus! 🍓🌿💚

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26 Replies to “Harvesting Cabbage & Strawberries, Planting Flower Seedlings & Pulling Ranunculus! 🍓🌿💚”

  1. Howdy Laura! Been watching your channel for years now. As you may know we are experiencing a crazy hot summer here in Austin, so seeing your beautiful green garden makes me so happy. How can you just dig a hole with your bare hand? Do you till? Even my raised beds get packed down after adding compost each season.Thanks for sharing all your knowledge! https://youtu.be/nIjh_QxBhfU

  2. You really had a productive day! I loved how the chicken wanted to be picked up, like a toddler. Then she was so eager to get the strawberry! So cute. Thanks for your efforts to help out the community. Beautiful cabbages to be shared. I’m reminded (I think last year) you took a pickup load to the garden center and gave them away. (Am I remembering that right?). I was in Nyssa last year for that, but didn’t make it to Ontario that day for it. Really fun to see the delightful reactions of folks, though. 💚💚💚

  3. Can’t wait to see some flower arranging with those gorgeous flowers! Is it too hot to use the cut flower shed for that?

  4. Good morning! What a harvest of cabbage. To grow, tend & harvest all that to give to a food pantry is heartwarming. What a wonderful thing to do such a beautiful heart your family has. BTW just before watching this video I was watching Andrews Seed video of a new delivery. Hopefully your Mom will do videos periodically and we can see her also.

  5. Thank you so very much for promoting donations of garden produce to local food pantries. I volunteer at our local food shelf & we so appreciate when gardeners bring in their extra produce. You wouldn't believe how much this means to both the organization & especially the clients. Thank you for leading by example & spreading the word.

  6. My eyes go straight to that blue cabbage 🤩 wow.
    Are those strawberry plants planted this year? I've heard you say they taste better the second year.
    Does that mean they are perennial and you leave them in the ground? I've been so tempted to grow 🍓 this year.

  7. Love all your vidoes! I was wondering how you get your strawberries so big? I grew some for the first time and all mine were very tiny and never grew to the big size.

  8. Good morning Laura, Enjoyed the video, very helpful! Just wondering if you dig your iris bulbs and store over winter or just cut them back and leave them in the ground?

  9. Awesome video!!
    You are a very generous person, cutting and delivering the cabbage to the food bank for people less fortunate than yourself.
    The plants all look great and I noticed the grass that Paul and Aaron seeded is looking fantastic. 👌👏👍🥰🌺

  10. I love to see your flowers with some colors in it. Really a lovely sunctuary for life🤗🤗🤗we love you all guys esp the two little sweethearts😘😘

  11. Good morning, Laura ☕️ I can only image how well the garden smells especially with all those lilies! How spectacular 🙌🏻. Have a Blessed Day 😊🐈

  12. All the time you were showing hibiscus or cabbage row all I wanted wass you to turn around and show us the next row filled with flowers (which I believe are lilies)

  13. Love cabbage. Mine didn't form a head at all. Not sure what I did wrong.

  14. Hi ! I know this question was asked before but I can’t remember your answer. Do you fertilize the flowers out in the big garden? They are gorgeous and growing so well!

  15. What a wonderful place to share your bountiful harvest!! 💕 Great video!!

  16. The blue color of those red acre cabbage is so beautiful. I would love those in a potted arrangement or a window box!! Who else got hungry for breakfast after seeing those fresh eggs? 🍳🥓

  17. You were up bright and early. My blanket flowers and purple cone flowers are still so small. Will they come back after such a slow start?

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