11 Replies to “Hate Beets? Try this ☝️”

  1. I remember eating beets in a potato salad, the color and taste is delicious

  2. When I got the notification. I thought it said Hate Peets? And I was like, NO! I LOVE PEETS lol

  3. ???????? I'm definitely going to try this dip, thanks. But my favourite beetroot method is to peel them, wedge them into ¼'s or ⅛'s, and roast them with a splash of oil and two splashes of balsamic vinegar, at 190°C for 45 minutes or so.

  4. I like beets, i just don't like dealing with them. I may try roasting them, I've never tried that.

  5. Greetings from Poland. We use bets in our cuisine quite often. My favourite dish with beets is undoubtedly "botwinka", which is a vegetable soup basing on young beets (the size of raddish) which are chopped up with leaves and stems (plus some carrots, potatoes, served with a hard boiled egg). Tastes heavenly no matter if served hot or cold. Cold is especially refreshing during first hot summer days.

  6. I really don't like beets. They taste like dirt and are too sweet for me. I don't like sweet tasting veggies (like sweet potaoes)

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