Have no Fear – Easily Clean your Cast Iron Like a Pro!

There’s a big myth that cast iron is hard to clean and take care of. Stick around because we’ve got some easy methods to clean your cast iron.
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25 Replies to “Have no Fear – Easily Clean your Cast Iron Like a Pro!”

  1. Help me Kent help me. I got a hold of my Great Grandmothers cast iron. They look to be not cracked. However there is some rust. I have several pieces close to 200 pounds of it. I sure would like to clean them up. They are close to 100 years old. Can you do a video on this? I appreciate your videos.

  2. I got started with cast iron several years ago after watching your videos. Just love it. The steam method is an awesome way to clean cast iron. Your absolutely correct that everyone will fight over the cast iron when you are gone!!

  3. Thank Ya Kent and Shann, I learned a lot about my cast iron today, I am much obliged!

  4. Thanks Kent and Shannon and the Gard House Dogs, great video!! Stay safe around there and keep the camera rolling. Fred.

  5. Kent I have a question…..If your not supposed to boil water in a pan but use steam to clean it then where do you get the steam????? I don't believe you want us to get the pan hot hot and then dump in hot water to make the steam…….or do you????

  6. I AM Still here , watching all these years , better than ever ! GOD BLESS ! KEEP ON KEEPEN ON !

  7. I purchased an inexpensive cast iron skillet that still has the sand casting texture in it. Should I sand it smooth?

  8. I already commented but I gotta make one more because it’s appropriate to the subject and funny in a way ???? Not funny at the time but it’s ok to laugh at it now. So my step sister had her brother living with her for a while to help him get back on his feet. Lots of you can probably see where this is going ???? Anyways he was being really bummy and not helping out around the house so she had a good talkin with him. The next day she’s gotta run some errands and what not, she decides to leave the breakfast dishes and do them when she gets home. She’s a long long time cast iron user so her pans have great seasoning on them. Well she gets home and all the dishes are done except her cast irons. They are soaking in a sink full of hot soapy water and had been soaking for quite some time, to my understanding ????????‍♂️. Omg was she HOT ???? ???? ????. I wasn’t there so I don’t quite know how the explosion went but I know my sister and there was an explosion for sure ????. Later on she was talking and said I felt so bad for blowing up but the one time he actually pitched it it really, “Effed me”.

  9. Because of this man I refuse to cook with anything but cast iron. I've learned from older videos about taking care of cash iron pans and now mine are better than the rachel ray pans I loved when I first started cooking

  10. I started breaking the soap rule…and I may never go back now…just a tiny drip on one of those scrub daddy sponges and that gets my skillet cleaner than it’s even been, without any seasoning damage that I can tell. I do use mine maybe 3-5 nights a week and I usually do a light season at the end so I use mine enough to have strong seasoning. Either way that little drop of dawn has made my life so much easier haha. Sacrilege!

  11. I want to see a video you clean a rusty old cast iron Skillet made in the usa.

  12. I cooked Southern style hash browns on my cast iron almost every day for over a month. I just wiped it out with a cloth and re seasoned it. That built my seasoning super fast in that pan, so yeah that’s a good method if you didn’t make something that really dirtied the pan. I wasn’t new to cast iron when I did that with that pan and it’s absolutely the fastest I’ve built a good seasons like that. I’m glad I went on that weird kick of eating those potatoes like that everyday ????

    Excellent video Kent, I didn’t need to watch this but come on, it’s a Kent Rollins video of course I’m gonna watch it ????

  13. What if you have a new cast iron can you use chainmill to smooth any rough spots

  14. Kent, you are in front of three of the prettiest cast iron pans I have ever seen.

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