Healing in clever microhome atop tiny food forest (sea view)

At just 8 square meters (86 square feet), the Freeland tiny house extends far beyond its footprint with a large deck, a wood-burning sauna, a Win Hof method ice bath, and a permaculture food forest providing enough produce for a family of four.

Noah, the home’s owner, wanted something minimal, but tailored to his particular lifestyle so the entire house is built for healthy living using all natural materials like plywood for furniture, natural stone panels for the bathroom and cotton, hemp and wood-fibre for insulation. The space is also customized for electrosensitive people, so all cables are grounded and there are built-in RJ-45 ethernet ports for the Internet. All lighting is indirect with clever use of plywood to recess lights.

The home has a water reserve tank and battery system so that once unplugged there is off-grid autonomy for four days in terms of water and energy. Builder Antoine Grillon of Serena Tiny House says it’s the tiniest home he’s ever built, but it’s also the most high end. The bathroom has a heated towel rack, a rainwater shower and a sleek stainless steel composting toilet that slides out when needed and that can convert to a squat toilet (Noah is originally from Iraq). The kitchen is equipped with high-end – albeit compact – appliances and the huge windows use hydraulic tech borrowed from the car industry for easy opening and closing.

Permaculture designer Aline Van Moerbeke of La Casa Integral helped Noah design a food forest adapted to the dry and rocky soil. Since the property is small and water is in short supply (the tiny house roof is too small for much water capture), everything is planted with food or medicinals. Much of the food is planted in raised beds in order to build the soil (composting is being done on site) and for easier access to the plants. The garden is designed using companion planting and stacking functions to take advantage of the tight space.

“Permaculture often gets mistaken for permanent agriculture as a limited concept, only agriculture,” explains Van Moerbeke, “But what we are aiming at is to design ecosystems as a whole and not just our food production so if we’re saying we want to have at least 10% or 20% of our own living system a productive system then that means that we want to be moving away from a consumer system so we need to also change our economy, we need to change our behavior, so we want to be changing the use of resources that may or may not be available in our ecosystem so I’m talking about water or sun.”

Serena Freeland House: https://freeland.serena.house/
La Casa Integral (permaculture): https://lacasaintegral.org/

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  1. Lovely place, really cool and compact tiny house. Those 2 are a little bit kooky with their Wim Hof (the ice man charlatan), good energies and no radio waves… I get a GOOP feeling there…
    Also, nobody else see the contradiction with the minimal lifestyle and the proximity to the airport? Yoga/ice bath in the morning, party and shopping in London in the evening?

  2. The gas tank shouldn't be below the bed. I love everything else. Lovely garden.

  3. I'd like to meet the client they built this for. We have a lot in common.

    And, I love the grounded, no EMR lifestyle! Yes! 🙌

  4. WOW ! one of your "Best". Thanks for the "write up" too, very well done and appreciated.

  5. May I say I am totally blown away by everything I have seen here. This is the life I have envisioned for myself someday. Thank you for sharing your incredible works with us. So inspiring.

  6. Its a lovely setup. I like the fact that meaures were taken to reduce or eliminate emf exposure. Just mske sure the LED lighting is not used as they emit extremely high levels of EMF. You can get an EMF meter n measure. Incandesent light bulbs are better. Just FYI

  7. This is my first time seeing how the dish rack is placed high above the sink to dry and store at the same time

  8. Love the super adaptability of this tiny tiny house. Extreme brilliant planning and use of space. Gorgeous permaculture garden with much potential. Wonderful to hear the principles supporting a healthy garden. Thanks a lot~

  9. Genius! Love the WIm Hof tub, permaculture gardens, sauna, Indoor/outdoor no sitting environment and low to no EMF's. Thanks for sharing and expanding my mind on what is possible!

  10. commercial grower, so had to throw this out: lemon-scented geranium (citronella), despite the folklore and hype, is a remarkably ineffective insect repellant as a plant. the oil within the crushed leaves is somewhat (barely) effective but no where near as effective as lemongrass oil if you're looking for a natural repellant.

  11. beautiful , i bet the air smells soooooooo good . great share , thank you , for sharing……

  12. Don't understand why tiny refrigerators are put on the floor where you have to kneel down to use. It should be at eye level for ease of use.

  13. Our bodies are designed to squat over the toilet like that. The descending colon ends with a curve in it like a j, And when you assume the natural squat position it takes that little bend out of the end of the colon and makes emptying your bowels way more efficient.

  14. This looks like heaven to me. Someday in my life I will live In a tiny house that’s very efficient with lots of natural light on property overlooking something beautiful and a giant garden with my home nestled right in the middle of it. Feels like bliss in my mind.

  15. A perfect mix of aesthetics, minimalism and practicality! A very impressive work of design & craftmanship, and the permaculture food forest finishes off this awesome creation. Kudos to the builders.

  16. A tip for flying the drone. Place yourself in a position where you can see the sky between the drone and the foliage or obstacle. Then you can get very close and do smooth fly throughs.

  17. Beautiful microhome! Also, I was trying to figure out that lady's accent. Usually I'm good, but in her case, I'm baffled. I here English, then Australian, then Irish, Scottish, Spanish. I'm lost. Anyone???

  18. I think this guy's brain doesn't switch off even while he sleeps🤣 well thought out compact tiny house 👌

  19. Wow… you have just solved some of my tiny house design dilemmas – thank you!!

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