Healthy & Productive Morning Routine #athome | quarantine morning |Margot Lee

I hope this video finds you healthy and at HOME!! It’s crucial we stay at home for our own and others health so I wanted to share part of my new routine before online classes with you. What do you guys do in the morning? Are you a routine or go with the flow kinda person?

What I was wearing/ using:
FP Movement Top: (similar)
FP Movement Leggings:
Gray Robe:
Orange Sweater: (similar)


Music by Dan and Drum – Taste Like –
Music by no suits – Blue Jeans –
Music by Ari Chi – Hot Honey –


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Age: 21 (when this video is being posted)
School: Syracuse University
Major: Advertising
Height: Almost 5’9″!

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29 Replies to “Healthy & Productive Morning Routine #athome | quarantine morning |Margot Lee”

  1. can you make a video on your upcoming job search process now that we're heading into a recession? xo

  2. This is great one! Thanks for sharing it inspires. me This makes my day more productive.

  3. Can you show a more in-depth recipe/making of that smoothie? 🙂 even on your insta story!!

  4. Hi Margot Today in your new YouTube video show how to do crunches when working out at home. Message me and show how. Thanks.

  5. I am really motivated by ur morning routine:)I am also making my own routine every single day

  6. Do you have a link to the actual recipe? I am not a good baker but really wanna try them out 🙂

  7. Random question, but did you ever get the chance to take a class taught by Mary Karr? I just finished reading her memoir series and I realized that she is a professor at Syracuse! Hope you are doing well and thank you for always being so positive and real in your videos❤️

  8. Loved this video. Since being home from college and having to start online class I feel like I can get so much more done. I love your puppy she is so cute I want one so bad.

  9. Blend the oats before you make the cookies!! It’ll make them look and taste a lot more like regular cookies.

  10. I love how i am being unproductive while watching a video abt being productive

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