Today we hack some Heelys! With the help of Skidz Grind Plates! (https://skidzgrindplates.com/) Let’s invent a new action sport together!

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25 Replies to “HEELY'S HACKS!”

  1. Literally commented this on the video with the grind shoes give me my credit 😂

  2. Looks like the scammer is back if you get a congratulations reply report it

  3. I laughed so hard at the editing of the intro with Gabes gasps HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Braille Team. I've enjoyed your vids for a couple years now but, I got some criticism. Ya'll are a skate team with a mission to make SKATEBOARDING more accessible to the masses. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT BTW! I would love to see some skateboarding skill progressing vids and some more community events where you interact with skaters and motivate them to progress as well. A more advanced version of the "Worst Board at the Park" vids where you offer gear for tricks for example. Those kinds of mission forward videos are what drew me to this channel to begin with. The "You make it" and the "Skateboard adjacent sports" are cool but, I'm more interested in watching the team succeed into the stratosphere and motivating new skaters to progress. It would also be awesome to see some more tours, some demo events, and behind the scenes of making skate parts.

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