Her $7k Camper Van Build

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This 1999 Chevy Express was transformed into an adorable home on wheels by the full-time flight attendant, Samantha. Being based in New York while constantly traveling for work meant spending tons of money on rent each month, only to be living someplace else the majority of the time. Tiny living has helped Samantha save money while inspiring her to live a minimalistic lifestyle filled with experiences instead of things.

00:00 Introduction
00:43 Camper Van Kitchen
03:00 Why a Camper Van/Cost to Build
04:42 Camper Van Bedroom
06:14 Camper Van Electrical
07:38 Transitioning to Tiny Living
09:11 Camper Van Garage
10:05 Vanlife Advice

Shot by: https://www.instagram.com/theaveragebrad/
Edited by: https://www.instagram.com/vanlifemedia/

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27 Replies to “Her $7k Camper Van Build”

  1. gross, the SW's are now invading family friendly channels. bozo only did this interview cause her OF views were low and she had to gauge interest elsewhere, disappointed in you tinyhometours

  2. Barbie dream Van house on wheels?
    Seems a little bit like a child’s play house to be honest.

  3. This is the absolute worst vid I’ve seen you put out on YouTube. Usually I love your videos. This would be more suitable for playboy or hustler. This ditzy brain sex bomb has noooo idea about camping or living small. ????????????

  4. Love the lace panels in the back, the garland and tea cups – very pretty for a van. Where is your toilet? How do you shower? What do you do in the winter with freezing tempatures?

  5. As a FS are you traveling?? Or are you pretty much staying close to the airport? Have you ever thought about doing a FA travel vlog Taking us along with you on layovers???

  6. Samantha made it very hard for me to focus on the van ???? Love the tour and the backstory, wishing her the best in her future endeavors.

  7. What a nice surprise to see Samantha on here. I have been a long time follower of hers. She is a very interesting young woman.

  8. I love all the van builds I see, but most don’t include a bathroom of some kind. Of all things to not have in your home, I’m surprised that most women wouldn’t want at least a toilet. I find that interesting.

  9. My whole family watch your videos Can you put Spanish subtitles they tried to watch your videos with auto translate but they are not accurate lots of love from Spain ????????

  10. Great video. Lovely home. Please can you tell me what the background music is – I have fallen in love with it. It's really haunting me.

  11. Great build. This lady seems to have it together, but a lot of self-builders neglect the mechanical aspects of their vans. They will put a lot of effort into building the house, and neglect the mechanical aspect of it. This is especially true for an older van. Weight and weight distribution is important, because it will strain the suspension, decrease fuel economy, and might be less safe and stable to drive. And if you are full-time in a van, it is your home, so mechanically, it has to be A1.
    The cost of housing and rents is just stupid and fascist. Everyone needs shelter, it is a basic human right. The economy needs it too, because if workers don't have homes, how do they do their jobs?
    Flight attendant as a career is apparently one of those jobs that is more compatible with living in a van, but they are not all like that. As the person said, she could use a closet to hang her clothes. So washing, ironing and hanging clothes for work must be a pain, but being well-dressed is an essential part of the job.

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