Here's My First Attempt at Gold Plating During a Vintage Watch Restoration!

Marshall picks up a lovely Universal Genève gold dress watch from eBay that has a few issues. The plating has deteriorated, the crystal is cracked, and the movement is running but not very well. Otherwise it’s great! Come along for the ride as Marshall takes on another restoration here on Wristwatch Revival!

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14 Replies to “Here's My First Attempt at Gold Plating During a Vintage Watch Restoration!”

  1. Hi Marshal, thanks for the cool video, what do you use for cleaning the watches?

  2. Marshall, the gold bath is the purple colour from cobalt compounds used to harden the gold. You rightly pointed out that 24k gold is a different colour, it’s ironic but it often looks cheaper. The Swiss have a series of gold colours defined by the alloy composition. Several plating solution companies make solutions to replicate those colours. A useful tip, you set the voltage of your plating, which is fine, but if you calculate the area of your parts carefully and check the current density that way you won’t “ burn “ a part. You also touched on the joys of stripping gold, again it can be done chemically, but the solutions tend to be either cyanide based or very smelly amines, neither are kitchen table material. A good stripper must munch the desired coating but not the base, in this case a copper zinc alloy. Your route is fine for a single part, but gets tedious if you have hundreds!
    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm so concisely.

  3. You said it was coming! And you delivered! Think about the doors this could open 👏👏

  4. You probably get asked this all the time but what do you do with the watches you restore? I know some of your videos are commissioned restorations so they're returned to their rightful owner but do you sell any of your eBay purchases? And if you do, what kind of return on investment do you get?

    If this is a taboo question then I apologise. I'm just intrigued

  5. thank you for this video – it is always a pleasure to see you working on this classical old watches – just fantastic!

  6. Another fantastic watch restoration. It would be great to know the history of some of these watches.

  7. Great work, I like the fact that, in the end, you present the watch without putting it on your wrist, could be unpleasant with all the hairy stuff.

  8. Would you like to share some figures? How much did the watch cost on Ebay? What can the renovated clock bring in on an acution? How much did the parts used cost, mainspring, glas, nickel and goldplate? And mych time did you totaly spend on the project?

  9. I'm a retired Family Practice Doctor and I have had the privilege of watching several very adept Neurosurgeons work on the brains of ill patients. Surgeries would often last many, many hours. And I see similarities from that in your videos…. these videos are a pleasure to see. You do some fine and exacting work and your results are no less amazing … think about that.

  10. Congrats on first attempt at Gold Plating Marshall!! Looks great! Are you a fan on the Grand Seiko Spring Drive? I’ve been admiring some probable sponsored videos on them and was wondering if they are more difficult to service? I understand if you don’t have time to respond on here, you probably get tonnes of inquiries. Cheers ⌚️

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