HIGH END DIY Decor + Sharing a Huge Secret I’ve Kept for a Year!

If you are looking for some High End DIY Decor and Art ideas or ways to maybe upgrade your existing art, this video is for you! Plus I reveal a secret I’ve been keeping for a year and a half! Enjoy this? Watch this next: https://youtu.be/VZJWsR6vDsU

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30 Replies to “HIGH END DIY Decor + Sharing a Huge Secret I’ve Kept for a Year!”

  1. Awesome ???? Congrats!!!
    Hoping a small table saw?!
    Seen some but they seem of cheap
    quality and pricey
    White matte color would be awesome ????

  2. Oh Natalee, Looking ???? forward to seeing the tool line. Now I know why I’ve waited to purchase some of my needed tools. I sure hope the new tool line will have a miter saw, equal in quality & price to Dewalt?

  3. I am so excited for you and us! I will be buying your tools because I know they will be high quality. Hopefully many many more to come

  4. Wow amazing and soooo needed. As a 9 stone 5'2" woman with arthritis in my hands and shoulders I find male dominated power tools heavy going. Hope your range comes to the UK NataLee. Hmm, I think they'll be purple or green! Really want a nail gun, but all I've tried, including the cordless Ryobi, are too heavy xx❤❤

  5. maybe if I get ny own female power tools my sons will leave mine alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you have to be so proud of yourself bc I know your family sure is

  7. My guess on the color is purple or lavender. I think this is so great!!! way to go Natalee!

  8. I'm so excited about this! I can't wait. Because of you, I've been slowly getting into power tools, so this is incredible. Congratulations ???? ???? ????

  9. Finally a woman designs a woman tool. I'm excited to see what you did. I say the color is gonna be bbut! And you know I love ???? all the diys you did! NataLee you are the bomb ???? ????

  10. Oh my goodness you are amazing I’m so excited and happy not only for us but for you, you have been such an inspiration for all women and your saying “You are more Powerful then you know” has always been with me since the day I found your channel I’m so happy this is finally being addressed by a woman who has always been so inspirational to other women !! Thank you so very much! I’m not sure what color I have to guess purple or teal?

  11. PURPLE…. "The Color Purple" NOT pink! but check out the color of her shirt as she describes!!

  12. Congratulations on your power tool line, I am so looking forward to the tablesaw or a Saul. I have some of the other things you use. I’m just scared to use a saw tool.

  13. Congratulations on the new tool line, looking forward to seeing!!! The first project u did, when I worked in an art gallery, (22 yrs ago), we would do framing, glass cutting, matting etc. too. Many times people would want art reproduction prints to look more realistic and the gel mediums of different textures is what we would do to up the quality look of pieces. It’s so great to see it.

  14. Yay on the power tools! Without looking at the comments I'm going to say Gold! Congrats and I can't wait! It's about time someone thought about us! Love all the art work you did, so very pretty!

  15. Maybe the power tools are going to be purple/gray. Just a guess, Absolutely beautiful DIY’s. Love the canvas’. Awesome framing! Great job!

  16. Yay!! Im????so excited !!!
    I would love a skill saw. But a smaller one. To have some POWER. Lol. But not have to use the big one!!( But make a big one too!!)
    I can't remember what size blades they have?? Is it 3.5? Or 5? I don't know because I don't have one and I borrow all of my tools from my son. Lolol

  17. You have done with your art photo what i have wanted to do for at least a year. I was afraid to start, but no more. Off to my local craft store to get some mod podge. Thanks Nat.

  18. I’m so excited for you and for us women who need power tools that are made just for us! I’ve been saying for years that most tools have too big a grip for women’s hands and I don’t always feel safe. Also no pink! I predict your new line will be the a blue green

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