Back before the wonderful modern trucks of today, the very first ones were actually modded from roller skates! Today we go back to our skater origins and see what tricks are possible!

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16 Replies to “HISTORICAL 1960S TRUCKS?!”

  1. You Can make riser pads of wood or plywood, that is what people who needed or wanted a very specific ride height for Downhill Stuff would do is make their own risers for the boards if they wanted something that is not on the market.

  2. I find it ironic…. Gabe always says keep varial flips alive, and killed the board in the process…. Maybe it’s time they get a DNR 😂

  3. Chainsaw Man gonna be a better anime then OP when it comes out just wait

  4. YO MO I've wanted to start watching one piece but it might take a lifetime to binge watch the whole thing so many episodes its intimidating

  5. heres a greater anime, toradora. i have watched it 4 times because the end makes you want to watch more

  6. im probably wrong but i thought i saw one of those trucks in the other u make it we skate it the one with the worlds skecthy its board video thingy again i could be wrong

  7. Mo is one day and years (I think) older then me and happy early birthday mo, my birthday is the 7th of August

  8. Gabe spitting facts. Skate by definition defines roller skates or ice skates lol the kings of the skatepark are roller skaters hahaha

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