Home Decor Everyone HATES That I LOVE ❤️

In this video, I go over some of my favourite items that I love that a lot of people seem to really hate. I love these things even though sometimes they might be impractical, out of style or maybe even unsafe! ????

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⏱ Timestamps:
00:00 – Home Decor Everyone HATES That I LOVE
00:29 – Fluted Furniture
03:09 – Open rise staircases
04:49 – Granite
07:28 – Brass
09:01 – Minimalism
10:46 – Stainless Appliances

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22 Replies to “Home Decor Everyone HATES That I LOVE ❤️”

  1. Stainless steel appliances are the "Avocado Green" appliances of the future. Just sayin'…

  2. I find fluted furniture and anything similar to be hideous. Same with granite. I can't stand maximalism, it gives me anxiety to see such a busy and cluttered space.
    I don't mind stainless and I absolutely love black stainless.

  3. Air in a can use a life saver! Just open the windows when using & keep your HVAC clean w/ good HEPA filters! If u truly ❤ it – get it knowing u will have to clean it weekly.

  4. Honed Granite . I feel that the ultra polished granite is what feels dated. A friend did a kitchen reno and went with honed granite in a slate gray with brown undertones, matte finish dark lowers and ivory semi gloss uppers. It's stunning. Wish she went for the panel ready fridge and dishwasher…not my budget.

  5. I like fluted furniture because it can be a good choice to add some visual interest to your space. Although like anything, it doesn’t suit everyone.

  6. I like the look of marble but I'm not putting it in my kitchen because it's impractical. Granite is fine, I also like slate

  7. I love the white fridge! I have never liked stainless though. I agree with everything else you said though. ????

  8. As someone with two kids who would 100% go flying through those stairs, I was dying laughing at your survival of the fittest comment. It's way too true. ????

  9. Love granite. I hate quartz. I have a granite island with quartz on the exterior. The quartz is dark grey. Pretty but easily streaks and doesn’t look as nice as people say it does. The lighter the quartz the more fake it looks to me.

  10. Love brass, hate minimalism and stainless steel, too stark and cold. Granite fine either way. Open staircases nice to look at, would never climb one, it would give me a combination of vertigo and acrophobia.

  11. Open staircase are great for letting natural light through. And with regard to large appliances, I like the new Samsung Bespoke glass front stoves and refrigerator. They are extremely easy to keep clean and you can change out the panels for different colors.

  12. Granite is extremely hard wearing which is why they use them on Paris curb stones and they have held up for decades.

  13. You can get refrigerator wraps these days in all sorts of colors. I don't know why people are so afraid of color. Color brings LIFE to a space. I wake up to bold mustard and dark teal and walk downstairs to gorgeous butterscotch walls with turquoise and brown and accents. My colorful home makes me smile everyday, to hell with trends.

  14. There's no reason to ditch something just because a few designers who make money ripping out your kitchen decide what you have is dated. I have cinnamon-color shaker cabinets and that inexpensive spotty granite and stainless appliances, and I love it. It's so wasteful to toss perfectly good fixtures, appliances, and countertops just because maybe they're not "trendy" anymore.

    As for cabinets, paint and new doors are your friends.

  15. love what you love… and i also love V E L V E T (maybe not an entire sofa, but accents yes please!)
    also, i didn't know brass/granite/stainless appliances needed defending.

  16. NIck, thanks for having the guts and good sense to keep it real. If it's a natural material like granite, it's timeless. Is the granite I put in my kitchen contractor grade boring blotches? No. There's flow and interest to it. And parts are embedded with another natural material–garnet. But it has the energy of a natural material, which I love and always will. Metals? As long as it's a metal, it's timeless. The preference of the moment is going to impact people with no personal sense of style or taste. And they are going to spend a lot of time trying to go with the trend and spend a lot of money switching things out when the trend changes. I guess my point is to encourage people to develop taste and personal style. Spend some time with what is beautiful. Consider what feels good to you. And oh, yes. Watch Nick Lewis.

  17. I love the contents of this video! Thank you Nick!

    I will always love flute anything – furniture, kitchen wares, accessories, anything. Woods and natural materials … will always have a place in my home and heart. As long as you understand your style, having well thought out designs and making things work well together for your taste, functionality, and comfort, you shouldn’t care too much about what’s in and out so much.

    Keep watching videos like this to learn and allow your taste to change and evolve. But I don’t believe in being wasteful.

  18. Totally agree with the stainless appliances. Especialy if its brushed, it really is a neutral and will always look appropriate

  19. My problem with granite is the care needed. There are some things I might be ok with maintaining but my kitchen counter is a workhorse and I need it to not be at risk.

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