Hose cuff twisting on machine

A contraption Mac Sheldon asked me to come up with to help assemble dust collector hoses for pahtorouters. With thousands of hoses to do, simplifying one step is worth the trouble.

This is for the metal pantorouters that Mac Sheldon sells at:

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  1. Great video, I love your design process. Did you consider triggering the drill by pushing the hose against it?

  2. An old trick used by guys who do a lot of hose installations is to spray (or as you did, dip) the pieces going together with Windex. It really reduces the friction and then evaporates completely.

  3. Love this! Maybe my favourite video you have done. Challenge, brainstorm, prototype, improvements, testing, boxing – done! Great to see a little bit of how your mind works. ????

  4. Meh. Decent proof of concept but needs refinement big time. Starr with a solid piece of rubber for the mandrill shaped to whatever angle works best and go from there.

  5. You can cut out circles from a car tire. Glue and tighten them with a long bolt. Clamp this into a drill and carve a cone. Then you won't need internal tube


  7. solid rubber cone would have been better. coulda made one out of a boat trailer roller or something

  8. Very interesting and entertaining video. As a person who can't balance on one foot very well, I would like to offer a potential design change to eliminate the foot operated switch. Affix the drill based to sliders so that when the operator uses two hands to push the hose against the nozzle, the apparatus moves back an inch or so. This movement could actuate the arm dressing the trigger causing the drill to power up. That way two feet are firmly on the floor and two hands are gripping the hose.

  9. What if you'd put a flange toward the back of the mandrel to prevent the fitting/tube from wandering too far back?

  10. I love this kind of content from Matthias!
    Troubleshooting engineering projects.
    A joy to watch!

  11. When I first put together my dust collection setup I had an awful time connecting hoses until I figured out they had a left hand thread.

  12. A little soap in the water, or windex window cleaner straight from the bottle really works great.

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