HOUSE TOUR: Rose is on Tap in this Beautiful Atlanta Bungalow

Karen Mooney is the President of Ballard Designs and while her Atlanta home features classic pieces from the company, she has beautifully and seamlessly mixed in flea market finds, Ikea pieces and more to ensure that her home does not feel like a showroom!

Karen’s home has lots of neutrals but her basement is a different situation entirely! Bold, bright colors and a custom built bar that features rose on tap is the main attraction! ENJOY!

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23 Replies to “HOUSE TOUR: Rose is on Tap in this Beautiful Atlanta Bungalow”

  1. Mention the Designer with the Roman Shade/Blinds Behind genius idea! He deserves a mention! I’m doing this asap! I replaced Romans too many times. He deserves the love! ????????????????????

  2. I miss driving through Virginia Highlands. I should have bought in there ten years ago but now I’m in the United Kingdom and hope to find a similar property.

  3. LOVELY!

    Love the color scheme, the details of how everything functions well, and definitely pleasant presentation.

    Family and friends are her priorities to make every memories count.

    FUN presentation!????????????

  4. I love your beautiful home. The basement has such a speakeasy vibe! Your neighborhood is lovely.

  5. Darling home and your host Karen conveys the most charming, authentic personality. How refreshing.

  6. I love the basement and the mix of colors! A tad of animal print in each room is a great idea. Her creativity and her ability to mix less expensive things with pricier items is a bit a genius, which I admire. I'm going to "borrow" some of her ideas. My guest room is also the library. I have a coffee bar, a fridge, and, of course, reading material. This was one of my faves. Thank you!

  7. I loved the vibe of “do IKEA until you want/can do something else” with the gallery wall. Practical with a dose of artsy, too. Her take on family photos is interesting! I do get it, although I covered the stairwell wall with a massive studio black and white of the 5 of us. (My adult children don’t care for it..Ha!) Love this tour and this gal!

  8. A house is for living, that's what makes it a home and Karen, you have done it beautifully! That basement, wowzer!! Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks. I especially like the hits of animal print, I find myself really attracted to animal print as well. Lovely home and a lovely lady!

  9. Wow I thought she was going to take use out door to see the pool she talk about it all through the video ???? lovely home

  10. Karen! What a beautiful & welcoming home you have! I love the dichotomy of your embrace of light & airy neutrals upstairs & amazing saturated jewel tones in that gorgeous cozy basement of yours – Frenchy's by the Water!! Adorable! Looks like a mad fun time! lo!! The whole house is decorated so thoughtfully! You can clearly see that there has been a lot of great living & memories made here as well as bits & bobs from all over that have come in from travels out…. All of the spaces are tasteful, inviting & warm. Thank you for sharing your wonderful home & your lovely personality! It was a joyful experience! And thank you to Homeworthy for making it possible!

  11. SHAME ON YOU LADY Once again. A sexist remark against boys from a toxic woman.

  12. Even though I truly appreciate the neutral vibes, and that’s how I did my own space , Frenchies Bar is the showstopper here. ????????

  13. I want to be her best friend and live next door. Her enthusiastic personality is delightful and her home is wonderful. I want to sit in all the rooms. Loved this!

  14. KAREN!! I Love your Home!! Beautiful! I heard about all the trials and trumps on the “How to Decorate” podcast! Love how your basement turned out! Miss you on the podcast but also love the addition of Liz!

  15. Love! Absolutely one of my favorite tours you have showcased. This home has life! You can live in it, not fussy, but so beautiful with so much character. Karen also gives real advice and tips that we can adapt to our own homes. She is wonderful and I hope to find someone like her to help with my home one day. "Frenchies on the Waterfront", so fun!

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