HOUSE TOUR | The Three-Story Loft of Andy Warhol's Art Director Marc Balet

Today we’re taking you inside the glorious New York City loft of Andy Warhol’s former creative director, Marc Balet. He bought his three-story loft in Manhattan’s Noho district more than 30 years ago. Absolutely brimming with his collection of personal photography and true works of art, Marc brings us down memory lane of his favorite moments throughout his highly-esteemed career. Glamorous fashion magazine covers and eye-catching advertising campaigns adorn Marc’s loft to create the cheekiest time-capsule, while custom-designed furniture emphasizes the personal sentiment that has been accumulating in the space for more than three decades. Enjoy!

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Marc’s apartment is for sale!

24 Replies to “HOUSE TOUR | The Three-Story Loft of Andy Warhol's Art Director Marc Balet”

  1. What a fascinating man! Marc Balet has so many stories to tell and I love listening to him share his life with us. We are so lucky and honored to meet these interesting and fascinating people on Homeworthy. He has such an artistic and beautiful home. I could literally look at all the art and photographs for hours. I will admit the stairs to his bedroom scare me. Thank you, Marc and Homeworthy for another great tour.

  2. Best nyc apt yet! Beyond cool and he seems so sweet and he’s handsome too! I wonder why he decided to sell the place…wonderful tour!

  3. What a fun tour! Huge fan of Andy Warhol's work – Appreciated the insight from Marc's stories.

  4. Fascinating man and story. I love the wonderful stories about free creativity

  5. This is so cool. I love his home! what a great space with all that amazing art. I bet many people in these comments don't even recognize some of those names but I sure do. I used to LOVE Interview magazine in the 80s when I was a teen, if you can imagine lol. My mom got me into fashion and I used to read Voguw and Interview and more religiously. I had that Aretha Franklin issue and the Pee Wee Herman issue. I had many of those photos from the magazine plastered all over my walls. What a trip down memory lane and I love his idea about nostalgia. I need to put that into practice more often.

  6. Wait, he has multiple large photos – framed, individually, on a prominent wall – and doesn't remember the photographers name?! OK, carry on…

  7. I love Marc hes have good personality you can tell the way hes talking he respects person smart and hes is good man I love his house is beautiful i like the way hes keep simple the must important is lot of memory photo and wall thank you very much Marc to share you beautiful home God bless you with good health peace love and also to help you sell you house quickly easily????❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Best Homeworthy so far, loved the house and loved Marc, such a cool guy and so many cool stories to tell. Right on!

  9. I really enjoyed this episode!!????♥️ I mean, I Love all the Homeworthy videos, but there is something about this one that made me watch it twice in a row???? He seems like such a personable, authentic, nice person and I Love his home(even though he’s moving????) I thoroughly enjoyed this????

  10. This was absolutely fascinating. An interesting man who loves his stuff. I don’t blame him, it’s really good stuff.

  11. Wonderful home and owner! I laughed a lot with his stairs comments – yes the carpet probably helped with those tumbles ???? more of these homes please!

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